Mozambique death toll from Cyclone Gombe rises to 48

  • Mozambique death toll from Cyclone Gombe rises to 48



    The death toll from Cyclone Gombe in Mozambique has jumped to 48, and the only access road to the worst-hit area is damaged.

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    Cyclone Gombe has affected tens of thousands of people since making a landfall last week. At least 3,000 homes have been destroyed, according to reports.

    Mossuril area in the northern province of Nampula is the most affected area with 31 reported deaths, according to the authorities.

    The area is still isolated after roads and phone services were damaged, said local official Mety Gondola who travelled to the area by sea.

    The local health centre, schools and crop fields were also destroyed.

    Mr Gondola said local community leaders would continue surveying the damage caused by the cyclone.

    The country’s relief agency said it will assist the affected families.