Southern Africa storms fuelled by climate change - study

  • Southern Africa storms fuelled by climate change - study



    Climate change fuelled heavier rainfall during a series of storms that battered southern Africa earlier this year, scientists say.

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    Analysis from the World Weather Attribution group also showed that such extreme rainfall was more common now.

    The results of this study show that the damage inflicted by storms in the region was exacerbated by global warming, researchers said.

    The region was hit by three cyclones and two tropical storms in six weeks.

    In total more than one million people were affected by extreme rainfall and floods in the region, with 230 reported deaths, World Weather Attribution (WWA) said.

    However, the scientists say they cannot directly link the frequency of the storms to climate change due to a lack of long-term data.

    The devastating storms began in January when storm Ana caused widespread damage in Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi.

    Dozens were killed with tens of thousands cut off from assistance as roads and bridges had been washed away.

    In Malawi the president declared a state of emergency and the roads were so severely affected that relatives of the deceased had to carry the bodies to burials.