Scottish Conservatives will hold on to second place - Douglas R

  • Scottish Conservatives will hold on to second place - Douglas R



    Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says he is confident his party will retain second place in next week's Scottish council elections.

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    In 2017 the party won 276 seats, compared to the SNP's 431, and finished 14 seats ahead of Scottish Labour.

    Mr Ross rejected polls which have indicated they could finish third, saying: "I don't think we will".

    Speaking to BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland, he also repeated his support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    Mr Ross said he was positive about the campaign and highlighted that the Conservatives were the only party standing a candidate in every mainland ward.

    "I think we will hold on to second place because the polls also said we would move to third place last year," he said.

    "What actually happened is Labour went backwards again and they lost votes and seats.

    "Whereas the Scottish Conservatives maintained our position as the second biggest party in Holyrood and we increased our vote, by over 100,000."

    Mr Ross also discussed the cost of living crisis, and said it was having a "massive impact".

    One of the party's manifesto pledges is to increase the single person council tax discount from 25% to 35%.