IGVault Guide 2022 to Make ESO Gold Quicly for Beginners

  • Welcome to ESO Gold Farming Guide 2021. In this guide, you will learn how to make ESO Gold quickly whilst crafting, gathering, trading, looting, stealing and so on. With this guide, we aim to help you optimize your Gold farming methods, so that you have more time for fun in-game activities, and don’t feel burned out after hours of farming.


    Writs are something you can start doing almost immediately. The amount of ESO gold you earn from Writs is tied to your level and caps out when you hit level 50, at which point, you will make about 4.6k gold per day on each character. Beyond that, you have a chance to receive gold materials as a reward for turning in your Writs. To maximize your chance at gold materials, make sure you max out the level of the first passive in your Crafting line, which will give you a 30% chance at gold materials of that type when you turn in your Writs.

    4,600 gold × 9 toons × 30 days = 1,242,000 gold

    If you do the Writs on nine toons every day, you will net yourself over one million gold for one month, and this is before you get to the fact that you'll be getting about one gold mat for each bench every three days. Writs are a lucrative everyman's way to make gold, which is why so many people participate in this daily grind. I highly recommend the add-on: Lazy Writ Crafter if you are on PC, as it will automate the Crafting process for you.

    Exchange Crowns for Gold.

    Yes ESO has become Pay to Win since you can now “gift” crowns to other players in the Crown Store. This opens up the option to sell crowns to other players for ESO gold. I have seen prices up to 450g for 1 Crown, but I do not believe you should expect that price every day.

    If you are rich in real life, and just want a lot of gold very easily, this might be the right way to get ahead for you.

    It is not illegal, but I would not recommend you do this, as you will soon run out of stuff to do in Elder Scrolls Online if you no longer have to make gold.

    The reason for that is, if you have enough ESO gold you can pay for big guilds to take you through the hardest dungeons and Trials, and that way get the best gear and achievements.

    Flipping items

    Many players understandably don’t like delving into the economy too much. Making gold by flipping items (buying and reselling) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    You can literally flip anything. Whatever you can find underpriced can usually be resold for profit, and the possibilities are endless here. This is why I won’t bother mentioning exactly what to flip, because it doesn’t matter. I’ll just give you some pointers and tips to help get you started.

    Easiest flips: raw materials

    You can buy underpriced raw materials on guild stores and refine them. This requires Refinement skill points in professions to be worth it. Prices of a stack of raw materials are usually around just above the price of one Legendary upgrade material. Each refinement has a 5% chance to give you a Legendary material.

    This means you should, on average, get your gold back as long as you don’t pay over 40g per raw material. Refined Ruby Ash Wood and Ancestor Silk are 6-8k per stack, so don’t discount the price of refined materials either.

    Flipping motifs

    An important word of warning first. Style motif pages and books, especially those recently released, are always highly priced. Their prices tend to fall off significantly over time, so I wouldn’t advise buying them unless you can flip quickly. Older motifs with more stable prices can be good buys.

    In general buying motifs from zone chats can also be lucrative. Players advertising in zone chats are frequently just looking for quick sales and will give them at a discount. It’s imperative to have Master Merchant addon so you can always view prices, trends and sales history at a glance.

    Good opportunities for reselling newly released motifs are zone chats where they drop in, obviously. Many players are trading more expensive motif pages (typically Chest pieces) for ones they are missing. If you have cheaper motifs, be sure to exchange them for more expensive ones. Just make sure to resell them very quickly before prices fall too much.


    This method goes hand-in-hand with the Grinding Resources method because you have to harvest enough resources to keep up with the demand. However, this method can also be extremely lucrative; a single level 50 character who completes all seven of their daily crafting writs is assured a tidy 4.6k gold per day. This includes the Jewelry Crafting writs, which you have to earn your certification for in Alinor.

    If you’re not at level 50 yet, don’t worry – level 6 characters can start completing daily crafting writs after completing the basic certification quests in Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall. The gold reward per writ begins at 215 gold at level 6: its exactly 664 gold at level 50.

    Of course, the best way to milk this is to level all eight of your characters up to level 50 and make sure they have all of their crafting certifications. With all of these factors, you can make around 36.8k gold in about 40 minutes, real-time. And your cash flow isn’t necessarily dependant on your progress in the crafting skill tree – you can be terrible at crafting and still complete your daily writs to make money.

    However, there are some skills that will increase the returns on your crafting attempts and increase the chance of producing items that will fetch high prices with other players. Alchemy, Provisioning, and Furniture Crafting can make you a tidy sum of gold.

    For organization’s sake, pick a city that you always travel to when you’re ready to complete your writs. Some of the best cities for this purpose are Vivec City, Rawl’kha, and Stormhold.

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