Advantages of m2 ngff enclosure over other mainstream hard disk

  • It only needs a hard disk box to turn the hard disk into a mobile solid-state hard disk, and enjoy the transfer rate that is not inferior to that of the mobile hard disk. Isn’t it cost-effective. In particular, the m2 ngff enclosure‍ supports the NVME protocol, which can turn the hard disk into a U-disk shape and has a very fast speed. It is a very ideal transmission tool for us.

    1.vs 3.5 inch hard drive enclosure

    The feature of this 3.5-inch hard drive enclosure is that it is compatible with 2.5/3.5-inch hard drives and supports 16T storage space. Compatibility in size actually means that both mechanical and solid-state drives of the SATA protocol can be used. Secondly, there are multi-system compatibility that is convenient for users who use Windows and Mac, even if they mix and match. But compared to the NVMe hard disk box, it is bulky and easy to damage and burn the hard disk.

    2.vs mobile hard disk holder

    The mobile hard disk holder is compatible with 2.5/3.5-inch hard disks, and is different from the above hard disk enclosure in two points, which supports dual-disk simultaneous reading and vertical hard disk enclosures. There is also a unique feature that can complete the mutual copying of A disk and B disk without connecting to a computer. Offline copy for short is very useful in special cases. But it is more like a dedicated device, with poor portability, and the transmission speed is far inferior to the NVMe hard disk box.

    3.vs 2.5 inch hard disk box with cable

    The small size of this hard disk box can also ensure a certain transmission rate and has good portability. If you pay attention to portability, you can choose this one. The size is small enough and the hard disk box also comes with a data cable that can be taken away at will. And there are 2 options of USB-A/C. However, due to the limitation of the size of the hard disk, the portability is almost meaningless.

    The m2 ngff enclosure‍ can turn the hard disk into a U disk in seconds, which is far more portable than the above hard disk enclosures. And supports a variety of transmission protocols, the left is USB-A and the right is USB-C, which can almost meet all mainstream digital devices. In terms of appearance and texture, it is also far superior to the above hard disk boxes, and its ultra-fast transfer speed can complete general file transfers in just a few seconds. Of course, it must require a solid state drive and its cooling performance cannot meet its high performance, so we also need to consider it when choosing.

    m2 ngff enclosure