The Classification Of Beach Towels

  • First, what is the custom beach towel for?

    Custom beach towel as the name implies is the beach or sandy beach towel. Beach towel is a kind of towel, generally with cotton yarn as raw material, characterized by bright colors, rich patterns, so what is the beach towel? Custom beach towels have a wide range of uses, generally can be used:


    1, beach towels’ size than the bath towel, can be convenient for people to play at the beach wrapped around the waist, draped over the body or tied around the head and neck, to play the role of shade, can also be used as a cover for the accessories.


    2, tired of playing on the beach, the beach towel spread on the beach, lying on it can enjoy the sun bathing, can also be isolated from the moisture and sand, to prevent fine sand into the hair.


    3, playing at the beach inevitably have to swim in the water, out again after the water, the skin in a wet state more easily attacked by the sun's ultraviolet rays, if not dry moisture, it is easy to appear red spots, skin pain, blisters and other symptoms, after a few days the skin will begin to appear peeling phenomenon. Therefore, the role of beach towels is to help people quickly dry the body, reduce the effect of ultraviolet sunlight.


    4, in addition to the use of the beach, beach towels can also be used as ordinary towel bath towel, or as a towel quilt, sofa cushions, etc., in the fitness, swimming, home and other areas can play a role.


    In summary, the role of beach towels or more, everyone in the beach or beach vacation, you may wish to bring a beach towel, the use of many.