The Kinds of Beach Towels

  • what kinds of beach towels

    Beach towels are generally used on outdoor beaches, beaches, beach towels according to different classification standards can be divided into:


    1. According to the process points

    (1) jacquard beach towel: jacquard craft beach towel, - generally thicker, more absorbent, but the number of colors is relatively small, simple pattern.

    (2) Printed beach towel: the use of active printing and dyeing process, fabric bright colors, good color fastness, soft feel, washable and non-fading.


    2, according to the material points

    ( 1 ) silk beach towel: natural fiber mulberry silk as raw material, characterized by cool, breathable, moisture-absorbent, but the silk beach towel can only be washed by hand, coarse wash more than easy to fade, can not be exposed to the sun, there is also bad solidity, easy to taut yarn, easy to break the stitching and other shortcomings.


    (2 ) polyester beach towel: the use of chemical fiber polyester material made of simulated silk material beach towel, thin and soft texture, natural drape good, more skin-friendly, pure chemical fiber material, although the comfort is not as good as the silk beach towel, but care than it is much more convenient.


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