How To Properly Maintain The Microfiber Suede Beach Towel?

  • High quality microfiber suede beach towels are made of a blend of both polyester and nylon and need to be paired with proper care to maintain a soft feel and absorbency as well as maintain the hygiene of the beach towels. High-quality towels are most afraid of moisture and low temperatures. When left in a damp and cold environment for a long time, beach towels tend to harden, reducing softness and absorbency (even after washing, it is difficult to restore the best state), while the damp environment also tends to breed bacteria, affecting its hygiene. So, how to properly maintain the microfiber suede beach towel?


    Sublimation Print Microfiber Suede Custom Beach Towel

    1、First time to use

    Beach towel in just bought back, should be cleaned first before use. After the initial cleaning and drying can make the newly purchased towels to achieve the best fluffy, soft and absorbent state. The initial cleaning can also remove the newly purchased towel surface attached fibers, fine dyes and other impurities. After washing, special attention should be paid to thorough drying. Thoroughly dried beach towels can obtain the maximum fluffiness, softness and absorbency. Sunlight is a good way to make it dry, both environmentally friendly and disinfectant. It is also good to use the dryer in case of insufficient sunlight or very low temperature, and the dryer can also bring extra fluffy effect to the towel.


    2, Used microfiber suede beach towels must be "hung up"

    Humidity is the "enemy" of high-quality beach towels. Used towels will remain a lot of moisture, must be hung on the towel bar, so that microfiber suede beach towels can dry as quickly as possible to reduce odor and bacteria breeding. If possible, you can install electric towel bar at home to speed up drying, prevent wet towels from odor, breeding bacteria, and make beach towels to maintain soft.


    3、Frequent cleaning and drying

    Water absorption is one of the important attributes of towels. Various types of towels good water absorption and water storage performance, because the fabric surface covered with a layer of ring terry, the height of the terry and the quality of the towel is closely related. In other conditions the same, terry more and high towel absorbency better, more soft and thick, long service life. The microfiber suede beach towel, due to the difference in materials, has super absorbency, and the performance of water absorption is four times that of cotton towels.


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