Microfiber Suede Beach Towel Washing Points

  • 1, microfiber suede beach towel washing need to avoid the water temperature is too hot and long drying. When drying, tumble drying in the machine can make the suede towel more fluffy and soft, while hanging to dry can not get this effect.


    2, it is better not to expose to sunlight or use super high temperature heat source to force ironing dry, too high temperature will damage the microfiber and reduce the hand feeling and service life.


    3, detergent used in small amounts can make the towel more soft. To avoid dumping detergent directly on the beach towel, otherwise the detergent residue will cause the towel to harden, and minimize chlorine-containing bleach.


    4, it can not use a lot of fabric softener frequently, otherwise it will affect the towel's water absorption.


    5, it also need to wash dark towels and light-colored separately.


    6, avoid washing towels and clothing containing zippers, hooks or buckles together, these objects can damage the towel terry.


    7, do not wash towels and clothing together, terry fabrics will wrap light and fine fabrics in the clothing.



    The use of softener.


    The use of softener can increase the soft feeling and fluffiness of microfiber suede beach towels. However, the softener will adhere to the residue on the surface of the towel fiber, so it will affect the towel's water absorption. If you want to get a fluffy feeling without sacrificing water absorption, you need to use softener "in moderation". Generally speaking, half of the "recommended use amount" on the packaging of softener products can be used to obtain a very good softening effect.


    About the "lint" phenomenon.


    Just like cotton cloth will "shrink", cotton towels will "shed", especially when first washed. Lint rate is also stipulated in the national standards, the rate of lint loss of different grades of products such as superior, first-class, qualified products are also different. Generally speaking, the more "fluffy" the towel is, the easier it is to shed lint. So the use of dryer drying, the use of softener and other means to improve the fluffiness, generally will also more or less increase the hair loss. But in general, the best towels do not produce the annoying phenomenon of hair loss. But our suede beach towel will not appear lint loss phenomenon, microfiber suede made of polyester and nylon material, the characteristics of these materials determine the lint phenomenon or not. But we can't avoid that there will be something attached to the surface of the product fiber off.


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