How to Clean A Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel ?

  • Basically, all the golfers will prepare a golf towel for themselves when they play golf on the course, which shows that microfiber waffle golf towel is one of the important sports equipment. Therefore, today, Hangzhou Oak-textile golf towel manufacturer for you to briefly explain some cleaning methods of microfiber waffle golf towel.

     Microfiber Waffle Golf Towel

    Method 1: appropriate amount of salt water scrubbing.


    Odor heavy microfiber waffle golf towel mainly lies in the method and skills of cleaning. That is to put a little edible salt in the cleaning water, so that after continuous scrubbing, and then hot water to scald, you will find in the odor will become lighter and lighter. But after washing, you also need to rinse with water, it will be more professional and effective in removing the odor. Generally speaking, the odor is left in the fabric of the towel. Only through different methods to exclude all the odor inside, in order to achieve a clean cleaning.


    Method 2: soak in laundry detergent for half an hour.


    Golf towels inside the case of heavy odor, you can choose to use a strong scent of laundry detergent to soak, only soak for half an hour after the odor will be lighter. When you put in the laundry detergent, you should reach 10 pieces of clothes, so that you can cover the odor inside. After soaking for half an hour, the next step is to scrub in the process, and then remove the dirt inside. This is also very helpful to remove some bacteria inside. After we grasp the method and requirements of steaming, for the removal of odor is also very professional.


    Method 3: rice water and towels into the pot to boil.


    However, there is a more reasonable method, that is, the rice water left, and towels together into the pot boiling time of 15 minutes, so that the microfiber waffle golf towel will have a light rice fragrance, so that the removal of odor is also very effective. Only grasp the basic process and points, in the removal of the time will feel the effect more and more obvious.

    Method 4: soak in white vinegar for 1 hour.


    The microfiber waffle golf towel with odor can also take the cleaning method of putting white vinegar into it. The ratio of vinegar to water should be four to one, so that the smell of white vinegar can remove the odor inside. Then the use of soap or heavy scented laundry detergent to clean again, so that in terms of its effect will bring a good help and cleaning. Mainly in the usual cleaning time must also pay attention to the use of good methods, so that in its effect will be more and more well.


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    The above is the method of how to clean the microfiber waffle golf towel explained by Hangzhou Oak-Textile, I hope that after reading the above knowledge can help you to clean the golf towel better. We have many years of production experience, a wide range of products, and provide customized services, I believe our golf towels will not let you down.