Material Classification of Towels

  • Today I am sharing with you what towel materials are available. We can't live without towels in every household and for everyone. But do you know what material your towel is made of? Here is a small analysis of the material and characteristics of the towel, so that everyone knows what kind of towel is suitable for each person, with what kind of towel, to be safe and healthy.


    1. Wood fiber towel


    Wood as raw material, natural and environmentally friendly, good water absorption capacity. Antibacterial, prevent skin germs cross-infection. Oil stains cold water rinse on the line, long use does not slip will not become hard, no odor, bright and soft.


    2. Chemical fiber towels


    Petrochemicals as raw materials, not absorbent, static electricity, towels are difficult to clean after use, prone to germs infecting the skin, slippery and greasy after use become very hard, will produce odor.


    3. Cotton towels


    Cotton as the raw material, touch ordinary, absorbent ability is better than the chemical fiber towel, easy to dirty difficult to wash, easy to produce bacteria infected skin, after using hair slippery hard, and there will be other gases.


    Multi-Purpose Microfiber Terry Fabric Beach Towel

    4. Bamboo fiber towel


    Bamboo fiber as the raw material, natural environmental protection, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial, oil is easy to clean, towel easy to yellow, hair loss. Suitable for a kitchen towel, towel class.


    5. Microfibre towel


    The raw material is chemical fiber or cotton, good absorbency, oil stains are difficult to clean, easy to produce germs infected skin, after a period of use slippery and greasy, smelly and hard. Suitable for towels with water absorption capacity.


    What are the uses of microfibre? What are the specific applications of microfibre? With it the fabric, by sand washing, grinding velvet, and other advanced finishing, the surface formed a layer similar to the appearance of peach skin velvet, and extremely puffy, soft, and smooth, this fabric is manufactured in high-grade fashion, jackets, T-shirts, underwear, multi-purpose microfiber terry fabric beach towel, dress trousers, etc. cool and comfortable, sweat-absorbent not close to the body, rich in youthful beauty; foreign use of microfiber terry fabric beach towel. Foreign use of microfiber into high-grade artificial suede, both cool leather-like appearance, feel, style, but also low prices; because of the microfiber and soft, with it as a clean cloth to remove dirt effect is very good, can wipe a variety of glasses, film and television equipment, precision instruments, no damage to the mirror; with microfiber can also be made of ultra-high-density fabric with an extremely smooth surface, used to make skiing, ice skating, swimming, and other sportswear can reduce resistance. Swimming and other sportswear can reduce resistance, which is conducive to athletes to create good results; in addition, microfiber can also be used for filtration, medical and health, labor protection, and many other fields.


    Specific applications of microfibre.


    Home life-essential products. They are widely used in personal bathrooms, ware scrubbing, beauty, and other industries. Allergy sufferers or people who are allergic to chemicals, in particular, will appreciate microfibre cleaning wipes. They do not need to use any chemicals when wiping. Microfibre wipes are reusable and durable. Simply wash the wipes in water after each use and they are good as new again. And if Zuanze goes to a place like a beach, you can't forget the multi-purpose microfiber terry fabric beach towel, which will give you a whole new experience.


    Every fabric towel has its good points, but of course, there are also points that we struggle with, and we cannot generalize and dismiss such towels completely. We can make reasonable use of the towels according to the different materials.


    The above is what I have shared with you today, I hope it can be of more help to you. Oak Textile is a professional multi-purpose microfiber terry fabric beach towels manufacturer, with professional technicians and a complete production line specializing in the production and sale of multi-purpose microfiber terry fabric beach towels. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to reach out to us.