Online Sales of Towels: a Fad or an Inevitable Trend?

  • The electronic information era has developed to today, people use the network is not just to understand the information so simple, the development of electronic information into e-commerce, you can sit at home to buy products, sell products busy. The use of third-party platforms to carry out online sales is not obvious, which is a headache for many enterprises that carry out e-commerce.


    At present, no matter which industry, sales channel mastery is the most important sales work, network sales channels will become another new sales channel in the home textile industry, this has become an indisputable fact. In the industry distribution, home textile products and electrical products are closest to people's lives, the former which accounted for 14.32% and 10.35% of the network market, becoming the largest proportion of the network market industry. The other two main aspects of the data reflect that the Internet is gradually becoming a new sales channel for enterprises. On the one hand, the rapid growth of online shopping users in China in the past three years. On the second hand, the domestic online shopping market sales have also been on the rise in the past three years. These data fully illustrate that online sales will become the next new growth point. 


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    1, now the traditional sales of consumer users than the network sales channel consumer users huge, online banking payment use popularity is not high.


    2, now traditional sales shopping reputation protection than the network sales shopping reputation protection perfect, such as after-sales.  


    3, now the traditional sales for direct contact with physical objects, network sales for indirect contact with physical objects. However, the advantages of the network sales channel are also increasingly being sublimation print golf towel enterprises to pay attention to.


    Ring advantage:  


    Traditional channels require the use of intermediate agents, while if sublimation print golf towel enterprises do network direct sales, can reduce the intermediate channels, direct contact with consumers, become the shortest supply chain, the manufacturer to the consumer  


    Sublimation Print Golf Towel


    Cost advantage:  


    You do not have to pay the high cost of hardware facilities, such as building and renting office buildings in more prosperous places, in addition to reducing the number of physical inventory, with more varieties and less quantities of sublimation print golf towels can be operated.  


    Shopping opening hours: 


    Online sales support offline messages and purchases, whereas traditional sales require a storefront opening.  


    However, at this stage, there is still a conflict of interest between online sales and traditional brick-and-mortar sales. If the profitability of physical sales is much higher than the profitability of online sales, the internet can be used as a channel to gather information about the company's customers. If the difference between the profit of physical sales and the profit of online sales is small and lower than the profit of online sales, it is acceptable for the price of online sales to be slightly lower than the price of physical sales, and gradually lead to the physical agents to develop the online sales channel.  


    Although at this stage there are still differences between net sales and physical shop sales, in the long run, sublimation of print golf towel enterprises to open up online sales channels is a trend, it is better to adapt as early as possible. It is when carrying out online sales, that it is important to choose what kind of approach. In the network sales market in the nascent period and the development, the period is with the help of a third-party platform sales good, in the mature period after the establishment of direct sales products website good.


    Internet sales as the main trend of print golf towel sales are the general trend, I believe that with the passage of time, the net sales of towels will become more and more saturated with companies. We at Oak-textile have many years of experience as a professional manufacturer of sublimation print golf towels for production and sales. Feel free to take the initiative to contact us.