GPS Speed Limiter for Vehicle Speed Control by uniguard

  • A gps speed limiter is a combination of vehicle GPS tracking and vehicle speed limit technology. GPS integrated speed limiter device is designed to limit the maximum road speed of motor vehicles by control of engine power.

    Which country needs GPS integrated speed limiter?

    Currently Kenya and Ethiopia in Africa has published standards, respectively KS 2295-1:2018 in Kenya and ES 6413:2019 in Ethiopia.

    Difference between Kenya and Ethiopia standard:

    In Kenya, wired portable printer is required.

    In Ethiopia, wireless portable printer is required.

    GPS speed limiter Features: 

    \u25c6 GPS Speed Limiter. User can setup top speed to limit vehicle speed either by SMS or computer based tool.

    \u25c6 Geo fence based Speed Limit. The device support 3 fences to setup different speed limit per fences.

    \u25c6 USB flash data downloaded. Vehicle travelling data could be retrieved by using a computer or a USB flash or a wireless Bluetooth printer.

    \u25c6 Data could be stored for at least 72 working hours for future reference, including date, time, speed, car plate number, owner name, fitting center, installer name, installed date, longitude, latitude, etc.

    \u25c6 Tamperproof. UniGuard vehicle speed limiters are specially designed for none drivers or any other unauthorized people can tamper with the installed devices.

    \u25c6 Prewarn if 95% of set speed limit is reached, beep sound will be produced continuously.

    \u25c6 In installation UniGuard speed governor could be hidden in a place not accessible by unauthorized people.

    \u25c6 The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer by use of USB flash.

    \u25c6 6 to 60V working Voltage. Wide applicable for trucks, cars, school buses, taxi and other commercial vehicles.

    The advantages of UniGuard Vehicle Speed Governor

    \u25c6 Safety by avoid over speeding.

    \u25c6 Increasing engine life

    \u25c6 Increasing engine efficiency

    \u25c6 Reduce maintenance cost

    \u25c6 Reduce pollution, increase environmental protection