What is the difference between an RSC Box and a Die Cut Cardboa

  • You have two options when it comes to packaging your product securely and attractively. The first is the popular die cut box, and the second is the RSC box. Selecting the most appropriate option can assist you in building your brand while also ensuring that your products arrive in excellent condition and satisfy your customers.

    What Does the Abbreviation RSC Mean?

    Regular slotted container (RSC) is an abbreviation that stands for regular slotted container. This type of shipping box has four flaps that meet at the top and can be sealed with packing tape. An RSC box is the most widely used type of cardboard box, and it is used to ship a wide variety of products worldwide. The product is offered in numerous sizes, allowing you to select the most appropriate size for your product.

    RSC boxes are a cost-effective option because they require no additional tooling and only a small amount of cardboard. They are easy to fold, but they may require more tape than other box styles to maintain structural integrity during the shipping process compared to other box styles. Because RSC boxes typically include some empty space around a product, you may need to add additional filler, paper, or other padding around an item to ensure that it is protected during shipping.

    RSC boxes are lightweight and easy to disassemble for shipping and recycling because they are typically constructed of recycled materials. These boxes can also be customized with graphics and colors to help you promote your company's image and reputation.

    What Is a Die Cut Box and Why Do I Need One?

    Die cut boxes are named after the machine that makes them, which is known as a die cutter or die press. Corrugated cardboard is cut into boxes using this machine. Dies are cut into a wider variety of shapes and styles than RSC boxes because the die press allows for more variety in the cutting of the dies.

    Because die cut boxes can be customized to fit your product, you may be able to save money on shipping costs by eliminating the need for foam or other packaging materials. These boxes also have double-padding walls, which means that the box itself provides additional protection for the products contained within.

    Due to the fact that the walls of die cut boxes lock into place and the lid is typically secured with a tab, these boxes have high structural integrity and may require less tape than RSC containers. Die cut boxes are a good choice for fragile items and international shipping, where the box may be subjected to more handling as a result of the added strength.

    The use of die cut boxes allows businesses to be more creative and to create truly customizable looks — they can be printed with logos and instructions, for example. Die cut boxes provide a memorable experience for customers. They have the ability to be customized on the inside and, in some cases, even contain graphics. Because less tape is used, die cut boxes can be easier to open for customers, which is a bonus. Custom die cut boxes are a popular choice for high-end items and luxury brands because they provide an enhanced customer experience.

    Die cut boxes, on the other hand, are more expensive than RSC containers because they are more customizable and can be cut into a variety of different shapes.