childrens table chairs do you really choose?

  • Children are the flowers of the motherland and the future of the nation, and their growth naturally attracts the attention of society. The previous "Sanlu Poisoned Milk Powder" incident left many mothers with lingering fears, and it seems that there are "crises" everywhere in their children's growth path. In fact, in addition to the potential harm of food to children, some children's furniture will also threaten the growth of children. So why is children's furniture also potentially lethal?

    Adults generally pay more attention to environmental protection issues when choosing furniture, and consider the formaldehyde content of furniture when purchasing. In fact, some unqualified children's furniture also have the problem of excessive formaldehyde. As we all know, formaldehyde is very harmful to our body. Adults can't bear it, let alone children whose bodies have not yet fully developed. The harm of formaldehyde to them will undoubtedly be greater.

    In addition to formaldehyde, the content of heavy metals in children's furniture is also worthy of attention. According to relevant experts, the surface coating of furniture may bring heavy metals into the body under the action of human body contact friction or suitable solvents. Suzhou Sweet has learned that some children's furniture contains lead, which can damage human nerves, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, and the absorption rate of lead by infants and young children is as high as 53%, which is about 5 times that of adults.

    If children come into contact with these furniture and bring heavy metals such as lead into the body, it may affect the physical and intellectual development of children. Therefore, Suzhou Sweet childrens table chairs, adhering to the purpose of "letting children grow up happily", has always insisted on using safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless and harmless materials as raw materials to produce related children's furniture.

    There are more and more young mothers now. After they have a baby, they will invest more energy and money in the decoration and design of the children's room, among which children's furniture is favored by them. In addition to paying attention to the environmental protection issues of children's furniture, design has also become their focus.

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