The Eyeglass Frame Application Of PEEK Material

  • The Eyeglass Frame Application Of PEEK Material

    Lightweight has received a lot of attention in the automotive industry, and this technology has also benefited products in other industries. A recent application is glasses. Hong Kong Mentor Optical Co., Ltd. launched the Plasteel series of glasses, which weighs only 9 grams instead of the usual 23 grams, and uses PEEK plastic. It is worth mentioning that the PEEK polymer makes it possible to lighten the glasses. In addition, the chemical resistance and thermal stability of this material lead to biocompatibility and biostability.

    In addition to being lighter than traditional eyeglass frames, Plasteel glasses are extremely durable and can pass the 360° bending test intact. This is very similar to the frame of Wu carbon glasses, which are also very light in weight and very flexible.

    Because Vestakeep PEEK resists stress fracture, this material is suitable for injection molding of very thin peek parts. Mentor optical glasses can be framed as low as 1.6mm in height and as thin as 0.9mm in thickness. If you want to reduce the weight of your glasses, you might as well try PEEK polymer glasses frames. Of course, if you want to use market-tested glasses materials, you can choose Wu carbon glasses frames or pure titanium frames, which are also very light in weight. .

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