What is investment casting

  • What is investment casting´╝čUse a mold to shoot wax to make a wax pattern in the shape of a spare part; then apply it with a refractory material, then heat to remove the wax in the middle; then use it as a mold shell and inject molten metal iron. Wax casting (also called investment casting, lost wax casting). This casting method is extremely cost-effective when used to manufacture products such as complex and three-dimensional shapes.

    1) Drawing
    First of all, it is necessary to fully discuss various conditions such as the concept, purpose, and size of the product. In order to produce a product that pays attention to product economy and operability, it is necessary to conduct thorough communication and negotiation in all aspects such as shape and material.

    2) Mold making
    Secondly, the mold making of the forming wax mold is based on the pre-agreed design drawings, and the mold design of the neutron is carried out to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

    3) Wax mold making
    Wax is injected into the mold to make a wax pattern. The shape of this wax mold solidifies into the shape of the casting.

    4) Group tree
    The wax module of the product is welded to the casting rod and assembled like a branch, this state is called a group tree. Multiple castings can be produced at one time.

    5) Shell making
    The assembled wax mold is dipped into the slurry (binder), and the surface is coated with refractory material and allowed to dry. This operation is then repeated until it finally reaches a suitable thickness.

    6) Dewaxing
    The shell is heated with high temperature and high pressure steam, and the wax in the prototype of the product is dissolved and flowed out. The melted part becomes the cavity, which becomes the base of the shell.

    7) Roasting
    The firing of the shell is to improve the strength of the shell. In addition, it also has the effect of removing impurities in the shell by heat.

    8) Casting
    Dissolved metal steel water is injected into the fired mold.

    9) Vibration shell cleaning
    After casting, the outer shell is removed by sand cleaning of the vibrating shell, and the casting containing the casting rod product is taken out.

    10) Cutting
    The casting of the product is removed by laser cutting from the casting rod, and a prototype of the casting is completed at this stage.

    11) Heat treatment
    After heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the casting products are adjusted to achieve suitable properties.

    12) Check
    Inspection of appearance, shape, size, and inspection of casting defects are carried out. In addition, depending on the product, mechanical
    Workmanship, surface treatment and other requirements.

    13) Packing for delivery