5200 lumen corn bulb exporter is widely used in indoor and outd

  • The heat dissipation of 5200 lumen corn bulb exporter lamps is also a major problem at present, so it is a key problem to make LED lamps popular to reduce costs and solve the problem of high heat generation. In order to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, Huaguang has developed a corn lamp with an all-aluminum lamp body. The lamp body is made of aluminum material, and the aluminum substrate is added. It can solve the problem of heat dissipation and increase the life of lamps.

    Corn lamp products are difficult to dissipate heat. Because of this feature, manufacturers often spend a certain amount of cost on making heat sinks when making corn lamp products. It is conceivable how big a problem heat dissipation is for corn lamps.

    Shell heat dissipation parts: corn lamps have high requirements on heat dissipation effect and appearance process. In the industry, 6063 type aluminum material is generally used as heat dissipation conductor (cost-effective), and the heat dissipation area is reasonably enlarged and high-density thermal conductive silicone grease can be used. Realize good heat dissipation effect of lamp beads. As an independent light source, corn lamps are widely used in indoor and outdoor environments. The whole lamp shell must meet the international standards, which are flame retardant, strong, pressure-resistant, dust-proof and waterproof. The material is generally PC material.

    Resources and atmosphere are important challenges that people face in the 21st century, so natural energy conservation has become a topic of concern to the world. For lighting, its battery consumption accounts for about 20% of the total sales volume. Reducing the electricity consumption of lighting to a large extent is an important way to save resources.

    For now, there are many small shop packaging manufacturers in the country considering no tone resolver. It will be very creative in lighting flashing tones, and this relative texture is not easy to guarantee. Under normal circumstances, it is made by automatic machines, with exquisite workmanship and beautiful surface. If the workmanship is not good, it proves that it was made by humans, so it proves that the merchant's technology is not good.

    With its rapid energy-saving characteristics, leds have achieved unprecedented opportunities in lighting areas. 5200 lumen corn bulb exporter has a compact lamp body, suitable for popular lamps all over the country, easy to install; new style, exquisite craftsmanship, and unified brand, which specifically shows that corn lamp is energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, and does not produce any garbage. High energy saving: energy saving and resource health are green and environmental protection.

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