How about 400*400 pixels camera module

  • How about the 400*400 pixels camera module? The 400*400 pixels camera module and other products have made great progress in performance, reliability, and reputation. Leon Medical has discovered that since December 2018, the drug "4+7 volume" Since the announcement of the "Procurement" list, there have been endless discussions on whether the medical device industry will also usher in bulk procurement. Seven provinces across the country have also implemented online bidding and centralized procurement of in vitro testing reagents. Under the background of "medical insurance cost control", many people in the medical device industry have said that the medical device industry has a high possibility of trial volume procurement!

    Under the background of medical insurance cost control, it is very possible for the medical device industry to purchase with quantity. Especially in some relatively mature and highly concentrated medical device segments, such as the in vitro testing industry, it is likely to be the first to usher in bulk purchases.

    The 400*400 pixels camera module is an important part of the endoscope, which has the function of recording images. The endoscope is an auxiliary tool for the treatment of diseases, especially the performance of the equipment is getting better and better now. Treat in time. The 400*400 pixels camera module has the following characteristics: it has a very rich digital and analog interface, there is almost no dead angle for screen viewing, the color of shooting images is not true, and the photosensitive system can maintain no matter what the environment changes.

    When using for a long time, the screen brightness will remain unchanged, the display color will be richer and more realistic, and the original color will remain unchanged. At the same time, the camera also has a dust-proof and waterproof design, which is convenient for surface cleaning and the operation of the 400*400 pixels camera module.

    Endoscope is a commonly used medical device. It is a convenient, effective and direct device for medical staff to observe the diseased tissue inside the human body. In the fields of science and technology, detailed divisions are also made according to different imaging structures and characteristics. 400*400 pixels camera module is more accurate.

    Features of high-definition 400*400 pixels camera module: After digital matrix processing, the lighting performance is greatly controlled, and the influence of reflection is reduced. Preset parameters for different procedures help to obtain better images for all procedures. Freeze functionality is provided for patient education and teaching purposes. Image-freeze buttons on the head of the machine or foot-controllable switches. A tool that flips or flips the image allows the surgeon to operate from the opposite side of the camera.

    Both the program and the camera are controllable from the computer. In addition to entering patient data, the functions of the camera can also be controlled via the keyboard. The optimized color setting of the LED light source greatly reduces the cost of surgery and the chance of patient injury. It is feasible that the high-definition 400*400 pixels camera module can provide or not provide images to obtain the machine. The HD resolution of the HD 400*400 pixels camera module harvested is 1920x1080 pixels.

    With the gradual popularization of domestic clinical application of laparoscopic cameras, the level of diagnosis and treatment has also improved.

    In my country, the research and development of the 400*400 pixels camera module of the digestive tract is still mainly based on the diagnostic function, and the application of gastroscope is the main one, and the application of diagnosis and treatment is not carried out enough.

    my country's enterprises and research institutions should pay close attention to the layout of their main competitors, track new technological developments, strengthen forward-looking pre-research, timely adjust the technological investment of enterprises and the research direction of research institutions, and strengthen analysis at the same time. The products that have been successfully developed should be actively applied for protection.

    How about a 400*400 pixels camera module? For technologies that have not been developed yet, it is advisable to implement a technology introduction strategy after determining the technology, or adopt a cross-licensing strategy to obtain the ownership or use of the new technology in a short period of time Right, put into production as soon as possible, participate in market competition, and gradually narrow the gap between Chinese enterprises and international advanced enterprises.

    400*400 pixels camera module