uneven twist in twisting machines what should be paid attention

  • When uneven twist in twisting machines is produced, what production matters need to be paid attention to. As a manufacturer of uneven twist in twisting machines, let Xiaobian take you to understand what matters should be paid attention to during the production process of uneven twist in twisting machines!

    1. Damage caused by the long -term use of the main motor gear box. This can make the fixed speed wheel speed and the traction speed and the closing speed of the lines not match, thereby forming a single silk pull.

    2. The tension on the storage wheel is unstable. There may be more places to use air pressure in the production workshop, which will cause the air pressure of the brushed air pump to be large and small, which also makes the tension of the reservoir not constant, but because the speed of the closing line is unchanged, this makes the brushes drawn. The tensile force is not constant, which can cause the single -silk outer diameter deviation to be accurately controlled.

    3. The tremor of the copper wire on the anneal wheel. This makes the copper wire annealing at the tight state of Shimato. The current density of annealing is large and small, and the intensity of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low, so it is easy to cause the copper wire to fire on the anneal wheel and ignite the fire wheel. , Make the surface of the copper wire uneven due to the effect of spark.

    Solution: Make a good lubrication of the reservoir to avoid the reverse friction of the line during high -speed operation and pull the thread to detail; adjust the tension of the thread to keep the drawing stroke close to the annealing wheel; Ensure that the annealing wheel steel ring is intact, and avoids stable fire current due to the surface defects of the steel ring.

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