Technical Features of the Endoscope Camera Module Manufacturer

  • Endoscope camera module manufacturer is a testing instrument integrating traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics and software. One has an image sensor, optical lens, light source illumination, mechanical device, etc. It can enter the stomach through the mouth or enter the body through other natural channels. Endoscope can be used to see the lesions that cannot be displayed by X-ray, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, with the help of endoscopy, doctors can observe ulcers or tumors in the stomach, and thus formulate a * good * * plan.

    The scope camera module manufacturer is equipped with an ultra-high definition 2.4 "color LCD display with a resolution of 320 * 240 . Using H.264 video to edit * * *, you can get exquisite and high-quality clear pictures. Equipped with gooseneck made of waterproof materials, it is flexible and convenient. It is a testing instrument you want. It can be used in automobile maintenance, underwater pipeline operation, large machine tool diagnosis and other fields.

    Endoscope camera module manufacturer Features:

    1. Support real-time display and viewing

    2. Support AV (video/audio) input

    3. LED probe light is suitable for detection in dark places

    4. Built in 1400mAh lithium battery, supporting USB charging

    5. Automatic conversion of NTSC/PAL video format

    endoscope camera module manufacturer