The structure of indass endcope manufactuerr

  • industrial endoscope manufacturer is a new type of optical instrument that uses fibroburation and optical, precision machinery and electronic technology. It uses the optical light, the principle of transmission, and its soft curved performance of the optical fiber. The hidden parts are convenient to conduct direct and fast inspections. Neither the disintegration of the equipment, nor the lightning. As long as there is a hole, the spare head can be inserted, and the internal situation can be clear. The hand -controlled head scan 100 ° continuously on the inspection surface; it can be visually visual, you can also take pictures, and you can also video or TV display. Compared with traditional optical imaging devices, it has the characteristics of softness, light weight, large use of freedom, and easy to achieve complex spatial structure. It breaks the rigid and rigid pattern of traditional optical systems that must become straight or spatial folding lines. Due to the excellent transmission characteristics and bending performance of the soft fiber biography, it can also work on the occasion of strong electromagnetic interference and high temperature corrosion. As a result, it is widely used in various fields such as medical, industrial testing, scientific research, and **.

    Industrial Endoscope ManuoFactuer can be divided into two parts: optical system and mechanical system. In addition to the light source and camera, the optical system of the endoscope consists of a light guide beam, objective mirror, portrait beam, and mirror, as shown in Figure 3. The mechanical part consists of the head end, bending part, protection hose, traction steel rope, and corner operation button.

    The optical system of Indostric Endoscope ManuoFactuer is composed of light guide beams, objectives, portrait beams and mirrors. It is an important part of endoscope*. Its quality level directly reflects the quality level of the Industrial Endoscope ManicTuerr. Compared with other optical instruments, the IndustRial Endoscope ManuoFactuer optical system is unique: large fields, small pores, long depth of field, small structure, and full -machine imaging resolution are greatly affected by the resolution of the portal beam. When designing, it should be comprehensively considering factors such as object mirrors, light guide bundles, portrait beams, and eyepieces to make the parameters match each other.

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