Precautions for service life of central dust collectors

  • Precautions for the service life of central dust collectors:

    1、 The filter bag is damaged. The shape of the filter bag and the installation method and mechanism of the filter bag determine the position where the filter bag is easy to be damaged, so that inspection and maintenance can be carried out.

    2、 The new and old filter bags shall not be mixed to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment due to different damage time.

    3、 Blockage of dust remover accessories. When the filter bag is blocked, the resistance will increase, which can be shown by the increase of reading value of the differential pressure gauge. The filter bag blockage is the main reason for the filter bag wear, perforation, falling off and other phenomena. Reasons for filter bag blockage:

    (1) Temporarily strengthen dust removal to eliminate the blockage of filter bag;

    (2) Replace the filter bag partially or completely;

    (3) Adjust the installation and operating conditions.

    4、 Aging of filter bag. If it is mainly caused by the following reasons, it is necessary to conduct cause investigation, take elimination measures and replace the filter bag.

    (1) Hardening and shrinkage due to abnormal high temperature;

    (2) , due to contact reaction with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor;

    (3) Pulse solenoid valve reacts with water. 6、 The replaced filter bag shall be purged with compressed air first, and then checked for holes. The holes shall be repaired before replacement. If the filter bag is stuck by dust, wash it with water and leave it to be replaced after cooling.

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