Installation points of led corn lights manufacturer

  • The key role of led corn lights manufacturer is lighting and decoration design, which is mostly used in the halls of hotel restaurants, hotel rooms, restaurant bars, restaurants and other venues. In addition, It is also often used in car decoration, performance stage decoration design, urban architectural decoration design, advertising decoration, movie theater and its public facilities in the city lighting. It can be seen that the led corn lights manufacturer has fully mobilised the role that cannot be underestimated in today's society.

    This section describes the installation key points of the led corn lights manufacturer

    Key # 1: Get the necessary materials ahead of time

    The raw materials must be used include led corn lights manufacturer, driving power supply, multi-strand copper core flexible wire and glass glue. Before installation, the mains must be converted into safe DC voltage consistent with the working voltage of the driving power supply.

    Essential two: do a good job of routine inspection

    First, regularly check the trial switching power supply and light strips, to ensure that they are not more damaged in the process of logistics transportation, then, calculate the output power of the switching power supply, to clear how many meters of light strips must be connected to a power supply, then, clear the best wiring implementation plan, so that access wire shortest, wiring work is very simple.

    Key point 3: DC power connection method

    led hard light strip through the main power switch after connecting the fireline, N connected to the neutral line, +V connected to the red line of the light strip, -V connected to the black line or black and red line, +V and -V connected anti is not easy to cause the destruction of the light strip, everyone do not worry.

    Key point four: DC power connection method

    Dc power supply has two kinds of connection method in series and parallel, need to pay special attention to is, if the choice of connecting method, proposed route length does not exceed 3 meters, if it is beyond 3 meters, must be from the DC power terminal from the new wiring, otherwise there will be light strip behind the problem of not bright enough.

    Key five: the selection of lamp power

    The connecting wire is the need for power, therefore, the electrical power of the lamp strip is best not to exceed 80% of the rated power of the DC power supply, 72 beads cabinet small table lamp strip for 17.2 watts per meter.

    Key Point six: Pay attention to the installation environment

    led corn lights manufacturer has normal heat dissipation function. However, if the manufacturer is in a dusty place, it is easy to cause dust to cover its radiator, which affects the normal heat dissipation of led corn lights manufacturer. In addition, The specific location of the installation can not have water vapor, smoke and other substances, because the lamp body itself has a small gap, this material is easy to enter, more serious will affect the normal work of the lamp strip, if can not prevent, propose to do a good job of protection measures.

    This is the end of the introduction of the key points of installation of the led corn lights manufacturer. I hope you can keep these key points in mind so that they can be used in actual installation work.

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