Why should plastic socket box mould apply for TUV certificati

  • 1. The plastic socket box mould TUV mark is a safety certification mark specially customized by German TUV for component products, and is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. At the same time, enterprises can apply for CB certificates in combination when applying for the TUV mark, thereby obtaining certificates from other countries through conversion.

    Moreover, after the plastic socket box mould has passed the certification, the German TUV will come forward to inquire the rectifier machine factory of qualified component suppliers to recommend these plastic socket box mould products; during the whole machine certification process, all components that have obtained the TUV logo are exempt from inspection.

    2. TUV is the abbreviation of German Technischer uberwachungs Verein, which means German Technical Supervision Association. The history of TUV can be traced back to the German Steam Boiler Supervision Association established in 1872, which mainly provides security for production equipment. This organization is the predecessor of German TUV.

    In 1877, 80 steam boiler inspectors jointly established DUV; in 1900, DUV was responsible for inspecting the first car and supervising the driver's license test; in 1918, DUV business expanded to the fields of minerals and energy; in 1936, DUV was renamed TUV.

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