Old School Runescape Lovakengj Favour Guide

  • This comprehensive Lovakengj Favour Guide will cover all you need to know to earn 100% favor at the Lovakengj House.The most efficient method for getting to Lovakengj is to make use of Xeric's talisman that allows you to teleport to Xeric's Inferno.


    If you don't have the Xeric's talisman, you'll need to go to Lovakengj.You can use the Fairy Ring teleport C I S if you've already paid 80k to Trossa in advance. From there, head east towards Lovakengj.


    Another option is to connect to Wintertodt by using the necklace of games and then head southwest to Lovakengj.At the 0% Lovankengj favor that you are able to mine Volcanic Sulphur.You'll need 42 mining in order to mine Volcanic Sulphur.


    Also, you'll need wear Slayer Helmets (58 Slayer), A gas Mask (Plague City Quest), or a Face Mask (10 Slayer) to shield your body from the harmful gasses.The volcano Sulphur mine is located in the northern part of the Lovankengj area.


    This mine is full of Volcanic Ash that you can mine quickly.Each Volcanic Sulphur that is mined gives you with 0.033 percentage of favour as well as 25 hours of mining experience.The clouds that surround the mine will damage you if don't move away from them. The damage is equal to one hit per tick.


    Food is advised.A bank chest is accessible in the southeastern part of the mine to re-stock on food.Players may also take runes with them for the curse spell that can be used to take on one of the spiders in the area and bring them to a heap of Sulphur.Doing this puts you in combat , and also negate the damage done to your body by cloud.


    You can put it into a bank account Sulphur that is mined if you intend to make Dynamite to increase your Favour later on. If you don't dropping them will be more efficient.If you'd like to apply this method up to 100% favour you'll have to mine a total of 3,800 Volcanic Sulphur. This would also grant you 95,000 mining hours.


    At 30% Lovakengj favour, you unlock the fastest route to gain Lovakengj Favor: Making armour sets for Shayzien soldiers.However, this comes with some requirements:You'll need 65 mining in order to extract the Lovakite required.Lovakite is mined at the Lovakengj mine, they are close to a bank.


    To make the Lovakite bar You'll need to Melt 1 Lovakite with two Coal Ores in the Lovakite Furnace.This furnace is located in the center of Lovakengj. (Alternatively, you can also employ the superheat item spell as well. Other furnaces don't work)


    After that, you'll have to turn them into armour pieces with the Lovakengj Anvil.The the anvils can be situated near the northeastern part in the Lovakite Furnace.You'll need at least 11 Lovakite bars to create the full armour set.To turn the armour pieces into an armourset crate you'll need a crate on a full set.These crates are available in the drawers in any of the Armourer houses.


    It is recommended to only create armour sets since they are the most likely to earn you the greatest amount of favour. If your Smithing is not sufficient for the full set and you want to make lower-tier sets.For instance, if have 60 Smithing, it is recommended to create level 1 armour sets and don't make separate pieces that are Tier 2 armour.The more advanced your smithing ability higher, the quicker you'll earn Lovakengj favour.


    With 20 At 20 percent Lovakengj favour, you can finish your Forsaken Tower quest.The quest is simple, quick and rewarding the player with 10% favor in the Lovakengj house.Ideally you'll be able to complete this quest once you've earned 20% favour which can instantly increase up to 30% favour which is required for smithing Lovakite armor.


    Mine Volcanic Sulphur Until 20 percent Lovankengj Favour

    Complete the Forsaken Tower quest

    Smith Shayzien Supply armour sets until you have 100% support

    If you don't have 65 mining or 53 smithing skills that are required to make armoursets the best option would be to find Volcanic Sulphur until it is 100% in your favour.It isn't pleasant, but it can be however, not as much as making dynamite.Which is something you should avoid at all costs.I've performed 0 to 100 percent Lovakengj favor on several ironmen and it really isn't too bad if you restrict your favour to 20-30% per day.The 90k mining experience you'll get is a nice reward.