Runescape Mining Money Making Methods Guide

  • Mining is one of the more difficult skills in the game. Few people are interested in advancing their mining skill and even making money with it. It is possible to earn money mining , but do not think of becoming rich quick. Certain techniques can be used AFK, but the best returns are made when you mine for resources that are more difficult to obtain.

    Very helpful OSRS Mining Items


    Dragon Pickaxe. It requires 60 mining and the 61 attack. It's about 6 percent more efficient than a rane pickaxe. Although it's not significant at first, when you're working for hours, 6% becomes anything but negligible. Also, it has an extra attack that can boost mining by an additional 3 points for a short time.


    Crystal Pickaxe. It is an upgraded version of the Dragon Pickaxe. It is 3% faster than this Dragon pick, however it requires 71 mining to use it , and it requires the ability to attack 70 and agility 50 to operate it. The pickaxe's charging is done using Crystal Shards. Although this could be an issue, it does make an important difference. If you wear an Elven Signet, it will cut down on the rate at which you consume charges.


    Mining Gloves. The use of mining gloves increases the little chance of not depleting the rock when you mine ore.


    Motherlode Mine

    You may be acquainted with the Motherlode Mine method since it is the most-loved one currently. It is possible to do it while AFK and will earn you a good amount of XP along with a little profit as an added bonus. To get started with Motherlode mine it requires the level 30 mining. However, at this level, you get coal only. Mining ores are unlocked exactly the way you do normally. At level 40 is when you can unlock gold. at 40 mithril; adamantite when 70 and on. The higher your level is, the greater profit you will earn.


    In terms of XP per hour, it also scales with your current level, exactly like your profits. At level 30 mining, you get around 20k XP per hour, however, you could earn more than that based on the products you utilize. There is also the possibility of earning upwards of 300K GP per hour using this method, contingent on your level. Your profits will go towards the limit of your mining once you've reached level 85 mining. For the AFK strategy, earnings are reasonable. If you're looking for to earn more GP for each hour it is not possible to achieve it by using AFK mining techniques.


    Amethyst Mine

    Amethyst mining can be done within the Mining Guild area. It is the most advanced level ore, and it is slightly AFK in terms of mining methods. There is only one ore per mine. When compared the Motherlode mining, mining requires some input from the player. Amethyst is priced relatively efficiently, and you could earn between 250K and 400K GP an hour, dependent on the price of the ore. You will need at least 92 Mining. To maximize profits, you need to use Mining Gloves.


    Blast Mine

    Even even if the Blast Mine needs Level 43 Mining, it is advised to go for 75 mining. It is anything but AFK. To accomplish this you'll need an Chisel Tinderbox and dynamite. You chisel a hole in the wall, plug in the dynamite, and light it. If you're in the blast area it is safe to not do any harm. Ore is blasted to the ground. It is necessary to get them out, but they'll go away if put them into your inventory too much. Place the ore in the sack with the operator. After 450 ore is gathered in the sack The operator will notify you know and you are able to collect it. At 75 mining or higher you could earn up to 500K GP per hour.


    Rune Ore

    Rune ore is one of the highest-paying mining ores However, the earnings depend on your skill level, the kind of items you take to help you to mine, as well as the amount of players you're playing against.


    The best location for mining Rune ore is through the Mining Guild. It is in the Mining Guild, all ores take about half the time to come back. Because Rune ore normally respawns in 12-minutes in Mining Guild that takes only 6 hours to respawn. There are only two rocks available. It is necessary to have 85 mining resources to mine Rune ore. The most efficient way to mine Rune ore is when the ore respawns , and then swaps worlds. Just jump through a handful of worlds and make sure that you know when each one returns. You will want to do this because there will be other players engaged in farming Rune ore the only advantage you'll have is knowing when they respawn.