Diablo 2 has been resurrected and one of its highlights is the

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    The content modification was applied to the most recent D2R PTR 2.5, and the PTR is scheduled to expire on September 19 at 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Check out all of the information regarding the newly added D2 sunder grand charms based on the most recent PTR. The Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Public Test Realm now has a total of six different charms to choose from.

    1. The Crack in the Bone

    The Bone Break grand charm causes the monster's physical immunity to be sundered. sundered is a new ability that causes the monster's resistance to be capped effectively at 95%. This means that the monster's resistance cannot increase any further than 95%, which is exactly what these charms do. In addition to this, it lowers your physical resistance by 25%. As a result, when you equip this charm to your character, you will notice that the amount of physical damage that they take goes up by 25%; consequently, Cheap D2 Uniques Items Xbox One are taking more damage than Cheap D2R Rare Items PS5 normally would.

    2. The Cleft in the Black

    The Black Cleft grand charm is designed to protect the wearer from the magic attacks of monsters. However, this charm has a pretty significant drawback in that it reduces the wearer's resistance to magic by 50%, which increases the risk that they will be killed. Because you don't really have any resistance to magical damage effects, and having a negative in that particular category could lead to your death, magical damage effects tend to be the most damaging effects in the game.

    3. The Space Between the Heavens

    Its immunity to lightning has been shattered, so the maximum resistance that the monster can achieve is 95, and you will also receive a significant reduction of 75% in your own lightning resistance.

    4. The Freezing Breakup

    Both the monster's cold immunity and its cold resistance have been reduced by 75% as a result of this effect.

    5. The Rift in the Flames

    The same effect as other charms, except that your immunity to fire is broken and your resistance to fire is reduced by 75%.

    6. The Fissure That Is Putrefying

    The final grand charm is the Rotting Fissure, which has a poison immunity that has been sundered and a poison resistance that has been reduced by 75%.

    Where can I acquire D2R sunder charms? On the Public Test Realm (PTR), these Sundering Grand Charms will not drop from any of the monsters; however, once the 2.5 Patch goes live, you will be able to farm them from Terrorized monsters of Champion, Unique, Superunique, or Boss difficulty.