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  • Jon Renau SmartLace Lite Summer 2022

    The SmartLaceTM Lite Collection can be differentiated from other similar lines by the following essential qualities:

    Construction that is extremely lightweight and features an ear-to-ear lace front design.

    nape constructed of non-slip silicone that offers a fit that is both secure and comfortable.

    Ear tabs manufactured from polyurethane, providing the highest possible degree of flexibility and the option to use adhesive if that is something that is desired.

    Carrie Lite Petite

    • The luxurious texture of Jon Renau's best-selling bob haircut, which has been lengthened, is now a standard feature

    • The Carrie Lite Petite Wig is sure to become your new go-to hairstyle because it now comes with a SmartLaceTM Lite Petite cap that features a non-slip nape to ensure a snug but comfortable fit and because it comes standard with a SmartLaceTM Lite Petite cap

    • Carrie is able to part her wholesale hair bundles in a variety of ways thanks to the hand-tied monofilament top that comes with her wig

    • Additionally, the gorgeous seamless ear-to-ear lace front creates the impression that Carrie's wig companies is growing out naturally

    • This wig comes complete with both of those options

    • Because it is constructed with soft and light density Remy human hair, the Carrie Lite Petite gives the impression of being as light as air


    A more compact rendition of the Cameron Lite.

    Cameron Lite, which was already one of Jon Renau's most popular SmartLaceTM Lite bobs, is now also available in a cap size that is well-suited for women who have heads of a more petite size. This time-honored style features a monofilament top and a hand-tied cap construction, which together create the appearance that natural virgin hair company growth is taking place.

    Miranda Lite

    A lot of people really like the timeless appearance that the Miranda haircut gives off. In addition, this best-seller among customers is now also available in the more affordable SmartLaceTM Lite version. The monofilament part and the SmartLaceTM front both give the appearance of a natural part in the hair, but the SmartLaceTM front creates the appearance of a hairline that is as natural as is humanly possible. Miranda exemplifies the perfect mix of refined elegance and seductive allure in her personality.

    Picking the Right Color When Working with Faux Real

    Faux Real is a series of blog posts written by Jeanna Doyle, who is also the series's author.

    When there are so many gorgeous color combinations available to choose from, how does one know when it is best to stick with their natural human hair lace frontal closure color and when it is time to experiment with something new? To directly respond to your inquiry, the answer is yes, that is the function of a wig. You are not required to settle on a single option for your hair in terms of its cut, color, or style. With the help of a wig, you can transform into a fairy tale character such as Snow White or Cinderella, just like in the stories. But how exactly do you determine which color will be most advantageous to you in the long run?

    Simply Put, Don't Sugarcoat It

    Keep in mind that each manufacturer makes a slightly different version of each color, so if you are trying to match the color of your natural hair, this is something you should keep in mind. As a result of this, it is essential to look for the color that accentuates the most flattering aspects of your complexion. Think about whether your color temperature is more on the warm or cool end of the spectrum. Pick the color that brings out your best features, even if wholesale wigs isn't exactly the same shade as your natural  loose wave hair wholesale or eyes. People won't notice a slight difference in color, but they will notice if you look great, and that is exactly what we want to accomplish here!

    Less weighty

    Having a rooted base that is darker, even if it is only slightly darker, can help you pull off the change if you want to go lighter. This is true even if the base is only slightly darker. This is especially true when taking into consideration the likelihood that your lashes and brows are also darker. By using highlights and low lights on your hair, you can achieve a believable shade of blonde, light brown, or soft red. This is because highlights and low lights emphasize different parts of the hair. Your buy deep wave wigs will have a lighter overall appearance as a result of this, in addition to having some depth added to its color.


    Be sure to proceed in the section of the aisle that is designated for people with your skin tone whenever you go from a lighter to a darker shade. Experimenting with colors that are darker than your base color but still lean toward the cool side of the color wheel is a good idea if you have a cooler skin tone because it will complement your complexion better. You might look more appealing with an overall darker shade and some flattering highlights around the face if you want to give the impression of a softer appearance. Make your brows darker to achieve a look that is more realistic.


    Taking a risk? Good for you! It is recommended that you search for a vibrant color that goes well with your skin tone. If you look great in one particular shade of blue, you will probably look great in that same shade of blue if you wear a color wig. This is because different shades of blue have different effects on different people. The key to successfully utilizing vibrant colors is to mix them with a touch of realism, such as a grounded foundation. This is the key to achieving the desired effect. The inclusion of this darker root, which brings your fanciful color a little bit closer to being real, is very beneficial to the color overall. A hairline that appears to have grown naturally is another factor that contributes to believability, and you can accomplish this with the assistance of a lace front. Make sure that your makeup has a natural appearance so that people will focus on your 13x5 Lace Front Wigs Vendor instead.