These six extraordinary hotel carpet designs are sure to pique

  • There is nothing quite like a unique identity for a hotel to ensure that a guest will remember your establishment long after their stay has come to an end; in fact, there is nothing quite like a distinctive identity for a hotel, period. As a result of this, the design of the carpet that is found in a hotel room is of the utmost significance. In spite of this, given the one-of-a-kind nature of each hotel construction project, what kinds of different architectural approaches can be taken to get to the result that is wanted? We take a look at some incredible carpet designs that are used in the hotel industry in order to give you an idea of what it is possible for you to achieve in order to create that traditional appearance. This is done in order to give you an idea of what Modular PP Carpet is possible for you to achieve.

    Botanical hotel carpet designs
    Let's make a reservation at the Sweet Hotel in Oslo, Norway, so that we can get our vacation in the northern hemisphere off to a good start. We won't want to miss a thing! This establishment, which began operating in 1916 when it first opened its doors, is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As a consequence of this, it was essential that the design of the carpets in the building, which was renovated in 2018, be consistent with the history of the building. The selection of a carpet with a botanical design, which featured a variety of floral patterns in shades of blue, green, rose, and yellow, contributed to the overall appearance of the hotel as being cozy and warm. This decision was made in order to achieve this effect. This was done in order to convey the sentimental atmosphere that was produced at the hotel as a result of its historically significant architecture and geographical location. This was done in order to convey the sentimental atmosphere that was produced at the hotel.

    Urban nature
    In the heart of the Nordic region sits the Downtown Camper hotel, which can be found in Stockholm, Sweden. This hotel is popular not only with tourists and businesspeople who are interested in touring Stockholm but also with locals who are searching for a relaxed setting in which to socialize. Because of this, it was absolutely necessary for the carpeting in the hotel to have a pattern that was based on the idea of urban nature. This was one of the requirements that had to be met. In order to accomplish this objective, the shades of traditional orange, beige, and dark gray that were used to decorate the boardroom were contrasted with the shades of tidal green and smokey blue that were used to decorate the meeting rooms. The cherry on top is a path through the woods that hotel guests can walk along even though they are physically located inside the establishment.

    A hodgepodge of things, including the passage of time and the cyclical changes that occur throughout the year
    Moving on to the Baltics, we can see that carpet designs for hotels do not need to be limited to a single theme in order to be visually appealing. This is something that we can see clearly when we look at the Baltics. When we take a good look at the Baltic states, we are able to plainly see this for what it is. The historic Hotel Pacai in Vilnius, Lithuania, which was formerly a palace, uses a combination of two different carpet designs to create an extremely striking visual effect in the hotel's lobby. This effect is particularly noticeable due to the hotel's location in the former palace. The first design is comprised of well-known patterns of white and black marble, and its purpose is to reflect the relationship between the historical elements of the building and the more modern components of the building. The second design is comprised of well-known patterns of gray marble, and its purpose is to reflect the relationship between the historical elements of the building and the more modernThe transformation of the landscape throughout the year in the Baltic region serves as the impetus for the second design, which results in spaces that are both artistic and in tune with their surroundings. This design was inspired by the landscape. These stunning patterns were first conceived of and executed as works of art by painters from Lithuania before they were printed on plush carpeting. Before that, these patterns were only available in Lithuania. After that, prints of those paintings were made and affixed to the plush carpeting.

    vibrant, teeming with color, and bustling with the activity of life

    Moving on to something completely different, guests who stay at the Quality Hotel Toulouse Sud in the city of Toulouse, France, have a lot of positive things to say about the carpet design in the hotel because it is so arresting. This can be explained by the fact that the hotel is located in the heart of the city. This is due to the fact that the design of the carpet is very attention-grabbing in and of itself. Given how vibrant, vivid, and colorful it is, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Using lines that are drawn in neon orange, purple, pink, and blue, visitors to the building are guided through the circular hallways of the structure, as well as to the meeting rooms, reception, and lounge area that are located at the base of the central void. The lines are carried through into each of the guest rooms, where they serve as lively accents to an otherwise subdued carpet design. Each of the guest rooms has its own unique carpet design. Every one of the guest rooms features a different original carpet pattern.

    amusement and an upbeat and positive attitude

    The four-star Hôtel de JoBo in Paris has carpet designs that have been entirely designed to evoke Joséphine Bonaparte, who was Napoleon's wife. If you are interested in staying in France, this hotel is a good option for you. The Marais neighborhood of Paris is where guests will find the hotel. This includes a carpet with a leopard pattern that has roses strewn throughout the bar, lounges, and reception area. Additionally, the corridors have a custom-designed explosion of roses that uses every possible shade of pink. In addition to that, the hallways will be carpeted in a pattern that looks like leopard spots, and there will be roses strewn about. The lover, Joséphine, is the focal point of the design, and she is portrayed as being both close to the viewer and charmingly frivolous. Her secret garden, which is located just outside of Paris and is brimming with roses from all over the world, also plays a prominent role in the design.

    Townhouse that gives off an impression of elegance and refinement

    The carpet designs that can be found in the Valverde Hotel in Lisbon, which is located in Portugal, have the potential to serve as a source of motivation for us. This brings us to our final point. On the other hand, this is categorically not the situation. The hotel was designed to give guests the impression that they were staying in an oasis of cozy familiarity and understated luxury while they were there by giving it the appearance of an elegant townhouse. This was accomplished through the remodeling of the hotel. Therefore, the design of the carpet that was chosen to appropriately reflect this atmosphere makes use of graphic monochrome patterns in the tones black, beige, and grey. This was done in order to achieve the desired effect. This action was taken in order to produce the results that were desired. These patterns were inspired, in part, by the Art Deco and Le Corbusier movements that were happening around the same time.

    The absolute final word

    It is essential for businesses in the hospitality industry to have design versatility because every hotel strives to make a distinctive first impression that has an effect on the experience of the customer. This is due to the fact that the first impression has an effect on the overall experience that the customer has. As we have seen, there is a diverse selection of carpet patterns available that are suitable for use in a variety of hotel construction projects. These designs include large-scale patterns for substantial spaces and high design ambitions, custom designs for individualized smaller spaces, and carpets that really express the personality or history of the hotel. Large-scale patterns for substantial spaces and high design ambitions include:The good news is that there is such a wide variety of carpet designs available that they can be tailored to fit any hotel project. Large-scale patterns are an excellent choice for rooms with a lot of square footage and for interiors that strive for a more sophisticated look.