Do you really understand Bluetooth speakers?

  • What is a Bluetooth speaker?


    The wireless Bluetooth speaker is connected with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and then plays the resources on the network with or found on the device. The Bluetooth speaker needs to download the data to the client of the mobile phone, then decode the mobile phone audio, and then convert MP3 into Bluetooth encoded audio streaming media. Finally, the decoded sound file is transmitted to the speaker and played passively through the loudspeakers.


    Is a wireless speaker a Bluetooth speaker?


    Wireless speakers actually refer to two kinds of speakers: Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers. The Bluetooth speaker uses a one-to-one transmission mode, which connects with your mobile phone/computer through the built-in Bluetooth chip to play music, even in areas without a network connection. WiFi speakers use a router to access the network before connecting to your mobile phone or electronic device.


    What is the difference between Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers?


    Bluetooth Speaker


    1. The Bluetooth speaker uses a one-to-one transmission mode. It can play music through the built-in Bluetooth chip connected to your mobile phone/computer, even in areas without a network connection.


    1. Secondly, there are many kinds of Bluetooth speakers, and the price has great advantages over WiFi speakers. And with the progress of technology, the audio fidelity of Bluetooth speakers has been greatly improved, which not only ensures the sound quality but also maximizes the volume. Among many outdoor speakers, I recommend a Bluetooth speaker called SODLK.
    2. The main problem with Bluetooth speakers is the connection distance. Generally, the connection distance should be within 20 meters.


    WiFi speaker


    1. WiFi speakers are connected to the network through a router and then connected to electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers. They support multimedia protocols such as airplay, DLNA, and Google cast, but they must be used in a WiFi environment. Compared with Bluetooth speakers, its transmission rate and transmission distance have obvious advantages and can realize one too many playbacks, providing you with a better music experience.


    1. If the voice control intelligent system such as Amazon Alexa is built into the WiFi speaker, it can realize the intelligent voice control of the speaker and easily become a part of the smart home.


    1. In order to expand the scope of use, some WiFi speakers also support Bluetooth connection, so that WiFi connection can be used at home, and when going camping, Bluetooth connection can be used, which is dual-purpose.