Speakers that can be integrated into the home environment

  • The largest model in the SODLK series is a true 3-way design. The speaker adopts a slim shell, with a loud sound and elegant style, which can be integrated into various home environments.


    The double bass drive unit enhances the indoor filling performance through a special if driver installed in its own shell. The driver is carefully designed to reduce the harmful effects of back wave reflection.


    Integrated in a perfectly matched wide dispersion technology (WDT) waveguide, sonic energy's 25mm soft dome tweeter manages high frequencies with controllable dispersion, high sensitivity and low distortion.


    The 3-way crossover is impedance compensated to avoid resonance problems, which will slow down bass delivery and color performance. Special attention is also paid to phase and time alignment for optimal integration and sound levels. As a result,

    portable Bluetooth speakers provide smooth, wide dispersion high frequencies with clear mid-range and lightning-fast bass.


    The smart speaker model and smart IP controller application are suitable for applications dealing with small room sizes, while the free controller application provides speaker system controls, such as mute, volume control, and power on / off, as well as overall area control.


    The intelligent IP speaker series provides single cable convenience and provides expandable power, audio, and management functions through standard cat cables. All models are compatible and powered via Poe and poe+ Ethernet power formats.


    The 181mm high active bidirectional 4410 is suitable for small spaces and can produce a short-term sound pressure level of 100 dB. The 4410 supports up to eight audio channels in a stream, with a sampling rate of 32 – 96 kHz and a resolution of 16 – 24 bits. It drives 3-inch woofers and 3/4-inch metal dome tweeters through an internal d-stage amplifier, providing a frequency response of 67 Hz – 40 kHz.

    The minimum diffraction shell is made of recycled aluminum and uses directivity to control the waveguide. In addition to receiving power and audio through IP, the single rear panel RJ45 connector can also access the smart IP manager, which runs on Windows 10 and allows installers to configure rooms, areas,party speakers, and audio channels. The application includes device discovery, room balancing tool set, system organization, and status monitoring.


    Although SODLK is designed to allow installers to configure and optimize the system, end users can use the new free smart IP controller application on smartphones or tablets (IOS or Android) to control mute, volume control, and power on / off. The controller application will automatically discover speakers on the network and provide a user interface for expert and non-technical users. Access to some or all of the areas created during configuration can then be assigned to the application, ensuring that each end user is granted the appropriate level of access.