How to Properly Care for and Clean a Wig Constructed from Human

  • To get the best possible results from your body wave lace wigs wigs, you should first wash and condition them before attempting to style them or put them on. This will ensure that you have the healthiest hair possible. The cheap straight human loose wave hair China wigs that you purchase will typically already have a conditioner applied to it when it arrives at your doorstep. If you do not remove this coating, it will be much more difficult to get the style you want to hold and to direct the hair in the direction that you want it to go.


    Before fully committing to a new style or cut, it is a good idea to test it out on your straight hair lace front wigs by misting it with water and then only blow drying the front and top portions of your hair with a hair dryer. Instead of letting your hair air dry, you should consider using heat styling products and tools instead.

    After being styled with heat, the cuticle will have a more even appearance, as well as a more supple appearance and feel. If you intend to take a wig or hairpiece made from  to a stylist to be colored, you should make sure to remind them that the item needs to be washed prior to coloring it. This is something you should do before taking the item to the stylist in the first place. If the hair on your wig appears to be lifeless or uninteresting, it is probably time to give it a thorough washing. It's time to wash your hair if it stays put even when you move around in different directions.

    It is recommended that you wash and condition your clothes every six to eight times that you wear them. It is of the utmost importance to apply conditioner to the hair only from the middle shaft to the ends, starting at the back of the neck. Because doing so can compromise the integrity of the hair and lead to shedding, you should make sure to avoid applying conditioner to the base or cap at all times. When applying a treatment or deep conditioner, make sure to use products that have been specifically formulated for  that has been colored, and make sure to follow the instructions that the manufacturer provides. Put your best judgment forward, and if you discover that your wig needs to be washed more frequently or less frequently than you had anticipated, you can adjust your routine accordingly. You can achieve amazing results by simply touching up your curls or straightening your hair with a curling or flat iron in between washings to achieve the look you want.



    To detangle the hair without causing damage, you can either use your fingers or a comb with wide teeth. Try to refrain from using your brush.


    It is not appropriate to soak the product or to immerse it in water. To complete the process, give your  a last rinse by holding it under a stream of cold water and rinsing it thoroughly.

    Place a small amount of shampoo specifically formulated for color-treated hair in the palm of your hand, and then work it through your hair using a downward and even motion, beginning at the roots and working your way all the way to the ends.

    • Keep the object running under a stream of clean, cold water while you wait for the water to become transparent

    • You can get every last drop of water out of the container by applying just a little bit of pressure

    • It is possible that some shedding will occur if conditioner is applied to the roots of the hair

    • The HairUWear conditioner in question is one that comes extremely recommended by our staff

    • Maintain a time limit of between three and five minutes at all times


    Keep the object running under a stream of clean, cold water while you wait for the water to become transparent.

    Place the wet wig on a wig stand so that it can dry completely as soon as possible and in the quickest amount of time possible.

    You can give your hair a curly look by wrapping it around a curling iron, keeping it in place for ten seconds, and then releasing it.

    It is not necessary to apply hair wholesaler spray to the finished styled product, but doing so is highly recommended.


    The wonderful thing about a wig or hairpiece is that after you have spent a significant amount of time styling it and getting it just right, you can put it away and keep all of your hard work preserved. This is a huge advantage. Utilize a Styrofoam head, a folding stand, or a canvas block in order to keep a styled wig in pristine condition while it is being kept in storage. This will ensure that the wig will remain in its original state.

    Utilizing a head made of Styrofoam or canvas is your best bet if you plan on blow drying  or making any other modifications to it. Because they work together, they allow you to pin either the base or the wig to a secure location while you work on the costume. When you only need to store your wig for the night, you can use a folding stand or even a roll of paper towels to keep it in a standing position while it is being stored. This is especially helpful when you only need to store it for a short period of time.

    In order to prepare the wig for air drying, you can create the part and smooth the top of it. After that, you can allow it to dry by laying it flat on a towel or on a folding wig stand that allows air to circulate underneath it. Use the box and hair net that the wig came in if you are going to be traveling with it, and just plan on giving it a quick touch-up before you wear it. If you are going to be traveling with your wig, use the box that it came in. You can also store your wigs by turning them inside out and placing them in a plastic bag. This is an additional method you can use. Because the style of your hair will not be maintained if you store it in this manner, you should first wet your hair, then either wash it or style it before you wear it again. This package does not contain any  that has been pre-styled and is prepared to be worn.

    Do not dry the cap on a solid form or mannequin head because doing so will cause the cap to become stretched out and distorted.

    Because of its delicate nature, lace must never have any tension applied to it in any way.

    If you want to maintain the quality of your hair and keep it in good health, you shouldn't brush it when it's wet. We do not recommend lifting or bleaching human hair; instead, we believe that depositing color produces the best results. Lifting or bleaching wholesale hair weave is not something that we recommend.