Everything we know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons' free an

  • It was a dizzying amount of new content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that Nintendo managed to cram into its 20-minute Animal Crossing Direct broadcast on Friday. There's a lot of new content being added to New Horizons in both the free and paid updates — not only is the museum getting Brewster and The Roost, but there's also a slew of new characters and features appearing on the island as well.



    However, even though both of these updates will be released on November 5, players will not have immediate access to all of the new content. Whatever is associated with Nintendo's new paid downloadable content, called Happy Home Paradise, is only available to players who purchase the DLC, which costs $24.99 on its own or $49.99 a year when purchased with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

    For those who aren't sure what's included and what's not, we've broken down what's included as part of the free update and what's separate in Happy Home Paradise ahead of the game's release date on November 5.


    Even without the announcement of Happy Home Paradise, Nintendo's Animal Crossing Direct contained a substantial amount of new information and updates. This is everything we know so far about the new, free content from the publisher.

    The pigeon that slings coffeeThe Roost, a new restaurant in Brewster, will open its doors on November 5 as part of an expansion of the museum. The coffeeshop is tucked away on the upper-left side of the museum, where Brewster is serving up the best cup of joe to the islanders of New Horizons International Space Station. Nintendo demonstrated in the Animal Crossing Direct that players can purchase coffee at the bar for 200 bells, but they can also take their coffees to tables to enjoy with visiting friends.

    Isabelle made an appearance at The Roost in the clip as well, indicating that The Roost will likely serve as a meeting place for islanders to get to know one another better in the future. The use of amiibo cards, which can be activated at the yellow telephone located in the café's corner, can bring in additional characters.

    The Characters that are the most popular with the fans
    It is possible that some Animal Crossing characters from previous Animal Crossing games will make it into New Horizons, but this is not guaranteed. In the course of the free update, Nintendo is bringing back a few of these characters, including Kapp'n, Katrina, Tortimer, and Harriet.
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    Obviously, Kapp'n is a boat captain who transports players to exclusive islands while singing seafaring tunes to keep them entertained while on the water. A pier is where he can be found waiting to set sail for a mysterious island, which he calls home. There are several options, including one with unusual plants, another in a different season, and another at a different time of day.

    Katrina and Harriet will open a shop on Harv's island, in the new marketplace, to serve their customers. Harriet will provide haircuts (with a variety of new options available), and Katrina will provide daily fortune telling. Tortimer was only shown for a brief moment during the Animal Crossing Direct, and he appears to be operating a storage cart of some sort.

    Reese and Cyprus will also be returning to New Horizons, but this time in a role other than simply getting hitched. Unlike other players, they'll be able to customize items in ways that aren't available to them otherwise. We'll also have easier and more consistent access to other New Horizons merchants — such as Kicks and Redd — through Harv's island marketplace, which will be a welcome addition.

    GYROIDS are a type of cell that can be found in the body.
    Despite the fact that gyroids will not be able to be stored at Brewster's café in New Horizons, they are so dang adorable that it's worth making room for them in your home or elsewhere on your island if you can. Besides being able to find and collect gyroids from all over the island, players can also "plant" gyroids and water them in order to produce more.(They're also more likely to appear frequently after a rainstorm.)

    Apart from standard gyroids, there are a variety of variations and customization options; Nintendo claims that they can be customized to match the mood of a particular area or environment. Gyroids, of course, continue to make bizarre sounds, but they can also sync with music.

    Players can stretch their muscles alongside the villagers in their island plaza by grabbing their Joy-Con controllers. The moves can be performed in real life as well, as players are encouraged to do so while controlling their character with the motion controls. It's a very pleasant scent.

    Nintendo has added at least five new crops for players to grow and harvest, building on the pumpkin growing feature that was introduced last year: wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, sugarcane, and carrots. These appear to function in the same way that pumpkins do, and they can be used in a very exciting way: in the kitchen!

    Players will be able to put together food ACNH Items to create new meals once they have unlocked the Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ item with Nook Miles. Nintendo demonstrated a variety of new cooked food buy ACNH items (go here) during the Animal Crossing Direct, including sandwiches, smoothies, soups, and pasta, among other things. In essence, New Horizons has evolved into a fully functional farming and cooking simulator.