Lost Ark Update: Big Honing Changes Paid Boosts & New Events

  • I have no doubt that the five of you who are looking forward to playing arcane are very pumped up about it.

    I'm just kidding. Without a doubt, I have faith that this game will achieve greater success in the West than its reputation would indicate prior to its release. In addition, there will be challenges for us to overcome in the hell that is Valtan, which should be very interesting. I have a hunch that, in the following few months, when new regiment raids become available, a lot of people are going to be seriously interested in recruiting other player statues that have this title. It is correct because people in the west have a slightly different mentality than those in the east.

    The fact that I find this to be surprising is probably the first problem that needs to be solved. In my experience at least, they are going to release it. This is the information that got out before it was officially released. In February, we were there literally just a few hours before the product was actually made available to the public. I have some content, but it is currently unavailable because they removed this article a few hours after it was published. Nevertheless, we do have support for honing in the first, second, and third layers of our system.

    From this point forward, the first and second layer honing will each have a success rate of 100 out of 15. To simplify matters, once you have all of the necessary components, select "home" from the menu bar at the top of the screen. This will make everything simpler. In addition, in terms of the materials, they cut the amount of time necessary for honing XP um by twenty percent. This was once again lowered from level 1 to level 15 in level 1 equipment, and it was lowered from level 1 to level 15 in level 2 equipment. It is very important that you take note of the fact that beginning tomorrow, equipment of level 1 and level 2 will both grant Lost Ark gold shop the ability to gain two levels of promotion once you have trained to the level of 11.

    In addition to this, the cost of honing the breakthrough is significantly decreased. This, of course, also applies to when your first level equipment, second level equipment, and first level equipment are all cool. You also do not need to be an experienced player, nor do you need to have finished any of the stories in the game. This is one way, for instance, that it is easier for new players to pass through levels 1 and 2. Naturally, at the same time, this will result in a decrease in the price of the first and second level honing materials that are sold at the auction house, which is another positive outcome. This is a very positive sign because you should use gold in the third level rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars in the first and second years. Gold is priceless, so using it in the third level is the better option.

    The overall success rate is twenty percent higher than before. In addition to that, the success rate of this particular uh project level support has also increased by 10%. This is in addition to the fact that the honing XP has been reduced by 30%, and the cost of breakthrough materials has been reduced by 50%. In addition, the cost of honing at level three has been reduced by thirty percent in terms of gold and fifty percent in terms of gear experience. This is pretty cool, as a result of this, many of you will be able to get to 1370 in a shorter amount of time. Worry only about what will take place after the year 1370. In addition to this, Lost Ark gold shop will be receiving new progress events, the first of which is the Punica power pass, and the second of which is the super express event, which helps to speed up the progression of the character from item level 1302 or higher to level 13.

    Players who have completed the Honorary Punican Mission and are now eligible to receive the Punica Powerpass. This is a mission in the purple category. This mission is the culmination of a sequence of purple missions that began with the bear and progressed to the friend. In Punica, you carried out these activities.

    If they are able to do better than this time in any way, I will be extremely happy for them, but I have a lot of doubts about what cheap Lost Ark Gold will see tomorrow. It seems reasonable to me. The number 1302 does not have to be the character Lost Ark gold shop submit an application for in order to take part in this super express activity. It's up to you whether he's the third or she's 1310. There is still a chance for you to obtain reward number 1302, then reward number 1310, and so on. So you can get drift.

    You deal damage that is greater than 20 points while also reducing it by 40 percent. This is the only available option. Only in the event that one of your characters on this account has reached the item level will this apply to you.1370 is it, so they can help new players upgrade all the way to 1370 by assisting them in dealing more damage with fewer statistics and allowing them to do so more quickly. For instance, one does not wish to spend 9 mobile phones on accessories that are purple and have an item level of 13.

    25, in order for them to be able to have flawless critical hit feats, right? As a result of this, this constitutes a significant gain. I'm relieved that this is for first-time players only. Want to join us?

    I have no doubt that this will be a contentious matter, at the very least within the next few weeks. This is due to the fact that it is possible that not all of the people playing Lost in the West have become accustomed to these paid power passes in Lost Ark. As a result, Cheap Lost Ark Gold (Visit here) will receive a power pass to punika and a paid power pass to bunika. In contrast to the current state of affairs, in the Korean version they also possess the southern pass. The cost of our pass will be equivalent to this amount. We have 1100 Royal crystal North Vern passes, and then cheap Lost Ark Gold have twice the price, so the original handle costs 2200, the Yoon costs 3300, the Wharton costs 4400, and the Punica pass costs 5500; the Royal crystal 5500 is equal to 45 or 45 euros. In my opinion, a character should be permitted to upgrade their equipment to level 1302 and have all

    I like to do it myself. This is an eight-hour long narrative covering all of these regions. In the big picture, I believe that purchasing this will prove to be a wise investment. This is how I feel about the pricing structure. But if you want to know what I am thinking right now,  can find that information by logging into either of my Korean accounts; the prices are very comparable in both of them. If you take each price and remove the leading zero, you will have the Western equivalent of the Korean royal crystal exchange.

    I'm just not for myself. I won't, I won't buy it, but I am interested in perusing the items that you have available. In conclusion, I'd like to discuss the skin. To put it simply, it's stunning.

    You need to look at the sample first before you buy it. If you have any interest in this topic at all, it is strongly suggested that you pay for the relevant materials. These items are both amazing in their own right and cool to look at. At the very least for the foreseeable future, nobody knows when they will show up in the cash store again. In terms of the skin, I honestly don't see that kind of skin, the kind of skin that would be appropriate for a 100-piece bikini. It is my sincere wish that it will do so as well. They simply do not wish to highlight it on the primary page of their organization's website.

    Who knows, but I'm going to discuss the skin in this section. This, along with a few other things, is noticeably absent from our photographs. It's possible that I didn't get a good look at the entire bathing suit. This one, I don't see the short jeans with tops, and these two pairs are not here; therefore, it's possible that they just don't want the website to be too crowded, and they will publish them. I don't see them here. The day after tomorrow, I will feel a lot of excitement myself. I'd love it if you could join me on Twitch. I enjoy streaming content on Twitch.

    There, I'll keep an eye out for you. Say "hi" if  have any questions or if you just want to chat. I'd be happy to talk with you and play games with you if you're interested. Every day, I have fun playing with you. That sums it up nicely. It's amazing how cool it is. So, until I share my next content with you, I want to say how thankful I am to be here with you. I am so appreciative that you took the time to watch.