The Elden Ring: Strategies for Conquering Margit the Fallen

  • You will immediately be granted access to the open world and given the opportunity to investigate Limgrave to your heart's content. However, at some point in the game, you will be required to proceed along the Golden Path in order to find Margit, The Fell Omen, who is the first major story boss.


    This boss is an excellent educational tool for the player because he is one of the most challenging "first bosses" in any of FromSoftware's games, and he also serves as a challenging challenge in his own right. You've arrived at the right location if you've been having trouble with this boss for a while now, or if you're hoping to get some pointers before facing him for the first time, and either of those situations applies to you.


    Get Ready For The Fight!


    • Even if you've defeated some minor dungeon bosses and field bosses in the past, Margit is in a different league entirely, so you'll want to make sure that you're well-prepared for the battle that lies ahead of you

    • Return to the Church of Elleh if you have any Smithing Stones in your possession so that you can improve the weapon of your choice

    • You have the option of speaking with Ranni, who will bestow upon you the power to call forth a Spirit Ash

    • In addition, the summoning sign for Sorcerer Rogier, one of the mysterious NPCs of Elden Ring Items Xbox, can be found just outside of the boss arena where Margit is located

    • During the fight with Margit, he can be an extremely helpful ally by drawing aggro away from you and giving you some breathing room in between attacks

    • Consider maintaining as much distance as you can from your opponent as a strategy if you want the fight to be slightly less complicated

    • It could make the battle take a little bit longer to finish, but it will restrict the moves he uses (for the most part), and many of his gap-closing moves have long recovery windows, which will give you some opportunities for safe hits

    • Below you'll find additional information regarding those

    The first phase of Margit, The Fallen Omen

    The fight against Margit is difficult, and not just because he is a powerful striker. Because of this, it can be extremely challenging to get a sense of how the fight is going. However, due to the complexity of Margit's moves, it may take a considerable amount of time to determine whether or not it is safe to attack.

    Attacks You Should Watch Out For In The First Phase Throwing Light Daggers

    A series of one or two Light Daggers will frequently be hurled in rapid succession by Margit. These can be easily avoided by being quick on the buttons, but if you aren't careful, they can cause a fair amount of chip damage. In this way, if he starts throwing these daggers at you, you will already be moving to avoid them without actively trying to avoid them.

    Another variant of this move is when he tosses a single light dagger and then leaps forward to deliver a swift cut with his staff. After the first light dagger throw, you will be followed up with a punishing attack, so be cautious.

    Sweep of the Tail

    You might be tempted to punish him if you find yourself directly behind him as a result of a dodge or the angle of one of his attacks; however, it is best to retreat from this position. If you find yourself directly behind him, it is best to retreat as quickly as possible because the staff itself has (as I'm sure you know) some pretty solid range on it. However, if he is recovering from one of his big attacks (more on those below), it is acceptable to stay behind him. Instantaneously, he brings his staff around to his right side and swings it upward, dealing a bit of damage in the process. Because of the peculiar timing of this second attack, it will frequently punish early, frantic attempts to dodge it. Get out of the way as soon as it begins to swing down. You must be prepared to dodge at any time during this fight, no matter what point it is. You will most likely find yourself beyond his line of sight.

    Now that we've covered his most dangerous Phase One Attacks, it's time to delve into the attacks that give you the opportunity to strike back in a safe manner while still giving you some breathing room. Take care in this regard. You actually have enough time during this wind-up to get in an attack if you're up close, but only if you're really ready for it. This only applies if you're up close. If that's not the case, get ready to duck.

    This attack is very similar to the one that came before it, with the exception that at the end of the build-up, he will dash forward before bringing his staff crashing down. The timing of the dodging is made a little bit easier because the swing comes so quickly after he rushes forward, but it is still important to be aware of it. This attack will also transition immediately into another spin and swing after it has been completed.

    Jump into the staff and give it a ground slam.

    This move has a wind-up that is fairly lengthy and easily recognizable, in which Margit leaps into the air while holding his staff like a spear pointed at the ground.

    Single-Hand Ground Stab

    This is a move that doesn't happen very often, but Elden Ring Runes PC for sale's another one that's very secure. Margit thrusts his staff into the ground at you while rearing back on his hind legs and holding it in a manner resembling a cane. However, if you hold off on attacking until his left hand is raised in the air, you will know that he is in the process of recovering, and it will be safe for you to do so at that point.