Slider doesn't dress up for ACNH according to fans of the show

  • People on Reddit have speculated about why K. K. Slider does not dress up, despite the fact that nearly all of the other characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons do. Originally appearing in the franchise's very first video game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, he has since appeared in every subsequent installment of the franchise's video game series. It is the white dog, who performs as the town's musician, who contributes to the relaxing atmosphere of the game. Because his music is so well-liked by fans of the franchise, Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets came as no surprise that the recent ACNH 2.0 update included 12 new K. K. Slider songs, which was a much-welcome addition.
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    The player must first earn a rating of at least three stars on the island before K. K. Slider will pay a visit to the island, despite the fact that the popular musician makes an appearance in New Horizons. In order to purchase his music before he appears, players must first access the Nook Shopping store by pressing the bells on their Nook before he appears. He can be found playing guitar in front of the Resident Services building on a weekly basis, and he plans to continue doing so until the end of the semester. Players can then request a song for K. K. to perform, and in exchange for their request, he will provide the player with free CDs of his music. Players will be able to access his songs from any of the stereos that can be found throughout the game once they have added his songs to their music library. Player's K. K. Slider song collection in New Horizons can be expanded either through the purchase of additional songs or through the waiting for K. K. to appear on a weekly basis in order to receive a free song from him.

    In addition to the fact that K. K. Slider does not dress, there is another intriguing aspect of his character to consider, which may go unnoticed by players at first, but is worth noting. Several fans of the Animal Crossing franchise chimed in with their theories about why the dog decided to strip down to his underwear on the Animal Crossing subreddit after Reddit user YungLedge posed the question on the subreddit. He's an artist, so nudity is acceptable, wrote Reddit user GD056, while user Midnight-Reasonable added, "He's an artist, so nudity is acceptable."Midnight-Reasonable, a Reddit user, questioned who claimed he was naked. It's possible that he's dressed all in white for the occasion. User BenPlaysGamesTV hypothesized that K. K. Slider may not even be a dog at all, but rather a human dressed in a fur suit. BenPlaysGamesTV has since deleted his post. AyoRobo pointed out that the character's nudity was not immediately apparent until he removed his guitar from his body:In particular, I appreciate how we were all aware that KK didn't dress up at the time, but we mostly just became accustomed to ACNH Nook Miles Tickets over time. Upon hearing him put his guitar down, we all yell, "GOOD GRIEF, HE'S NAKED!" and applaud enthusiastically.

    K.  K. Slider's Animal Crossing backstory has been expanded upon in New Horizons, but the reason for his nudity has remained a mystery until now. A reference to Brewster, as well as a sticker of Dr. Shrunk, were placed on the back of K. K.'s guitar, and the public was able to deduce that the two were friends. Several players have speculated that some of the dialogue in Animal Crossing: Wild World may also allude to the two anthropomorphic animals being friends as a result of this speculation. Everybody in the village, regardless of their musical tastes, enjoy K. K.'s music. When K. K. Slider's live performances are broadcast on television, villagers can be seen in the background holding up and waving glow sticks in celebration. Tom Nook is particularly devoted to K. K., as evidenced by the fact that he requests the player's assistance in persuading K. K. to visit the island and even mentions that K. K. Lament is his favorite song during the course of the game's story.

    K.  K. Slider is a beloved character from the Animal Crossing series, regardless of whether or not he is dressed. Nintendo has increased the number of K. K. Slider songs available to players with each new game, and Animal Crossing: New Horizon offers a total of 107 K. K. Slider songs for players to choose from in total. It is hoped that the next Animal Crossing game will include even more songs for fans to enjoy while they play the game.