Elden Ring gold: Missable Items Guide

  • The vast world of Elden Ring gold contains many items that even some of the most experienced players might fail to find. Even though some of these essential items aren't strictly necessary for defeating bosses or navigating dangerous areas, a surprising number of them are surprisingly useful when it comes to eliminating certain enemies and bosses that are abnormally powerful.


    You can acquire some of these items by looting bosses and other enemies, discovering them as the story progresses, or discovering hidden pockets scattered across the map. The following is a comprehensive list of the items that are easy to overlook but could be beneficial to players in Elden Ring. The spear deals significant physical damage in addition to having a lightning aura about it. The weapon itself does not appear to be particularly flashy, but it is powerful, and the lightning damage that templar elden ring deals is a direct result of its striking design, which is modeled after a lightning bolt. After defeating Godfrey's First Elden Lord in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, you will be able to acquire it there. You can find the spear wedged and embedded into a structure that is located to the north of Erdtree Sanctuary. However, if players reach the point where they have defeated Maliketh, the Black Blade at Crumbling Farum Azula, then Leyndell will transition to the Ashen Capital, making it impossible for players to obtain the Bolt of Gransax. When it comes to defeating foes that are rendered helpless by damage from holy sources, this is a fantastic weapon to have at your disposal.

    In addition, the Round Table room is located to the southwest of the Throne Room. As was the case with the Bolt of Gransax, it will no longer be possible to acquire it in Leyndell, the Ashen Capital. It is possible to upgrade it using Smithing Stones up to a maximum of +25, just like other weapons. In Dragonbarrow, the Isolated Merchant will sell you the Beast-Repellent Torch for 1200 Runes. You can get it from him.


    Materials for the Upgrading of Contents Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones


    • Stones used in the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing process are extremely valuable upgrading materials that can be found all over Elden Ring

    • Due to the fact that they are stowed away in places that are discrete and covert, finding them can be a real pain in the neck

    • Some of these regions are home to challenging foes and hazardous environments

    • To date, there have been a total of 8 unique Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones discovered

    Equipment and Magic

    Crystallized Tears of Purification

    One of the crystal tears that can be found in Elden Ring Items For Sale is called the Purifying Crystal Tear. This item, along with a few others on this list, has the potential to help counteract an attack from a boss. Mohg, Lord of Blood, is the boss that the Purifying Crystal Tear is able to be used against in this particular scenario. They are preserved in New Game Plus just like the rest of the crystal tears in Elden Ring.


    Cookbooks are essential items that cover a wide variety of crafting recipes in depth and contain a lot of different recipes. The vast majority of players are likely to completely overlook the numerous cookbooks that are hidden all over the map. However, in order to get started with crafting, you will first need to purchase a crafting kit from Merchant Kalé at the Church of Elleh. This armor set has the highest physical defense and poise in Elden Ring; however, it also happens to be the heaviest armor set, coming in at 63 weight. This is because it has the highest physical defense. However, in order for this mission to become available, the player will first need to become a member of the Volcano Manor Covenant and then finish a killing mission for Patches.

    Instruments of the War Surgeon

    This set of cloth armor is called the War Surgeon's Set. The white mask is especially useful for players who are using a bleed build because it not only provides a 10% increase in attack power after an opponent is imposed with blood loss, but it also provides an advantage against bleeding. In addition to this, it will be deposited within the lake that is filled with blood just to the west of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. Next to the Blistered Giant Crow, the invader will appear behind a stone pillar.

    Talismans A Piece of the Alexander Shard

    The Shard of Alexander is a Talisman that exponentially increases the attack power of Skill by 15%. It is extremely useful for players who want to put forth their Weapon Skill and is extremely impactful for players who want to use their Weapon Skill. It is important to keep in mind that if Alexander is killed, there will be no way for you to obtain this potent Talisman.

    Taker's Cameo in It

    Taker's Cameo is an additional Talisman in Elden Ring Weapons that allows for the restoration of health points after an enemy has been vanquished. After completing the third quest in Volcano Manor without failing, players are eligible to receive the Taker's Cameo as a reward. In order to complete this quest, players will need to infiltrate the dangerous Mountaintops of the Giants and eliminate Juno Hoslow, also known as the Knight of Blood. The Juno Hoslow Invasion Rune can be obtained by traveling to the eastern side of the Shack of the Lofty in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Additionally, the power of a variety of spells is increased by this item.