This guide will help you get the Cuphead Divine Relic

  • The latest Cuphead DLC lets players explore new islands in a familiar run and gun fashion. As you explore Inkwell Isle IV, you’ll get to face new bosses such as the Doggone Dogfight or the Moonshine Mob. But besides just new bosses, there are new puzzles that you can solve and get charms to help you in your battles. This guide will help you get the Cuphead Divine Relic, which is potentially one of the strongest charms in the game!

    Secrets aren’t all that uncommon in Cuphead DLC. In fact, it is one of those things that make game even more unique and gives players more reason to stick around. From cute little Achievements to unlocking things like screen filters, there’s a challenge behind all of it… and the Divine Relic is no exception.

    Cuphead Divine Relic: How to get it
    The first step in getting the Divine Relic is unlocking the Cursed Relic. I explain how to do this in our Broken Relic guide (if you haven't picked up on it yet: there are several relics to keep track of here). Here's the short version of what you have to do:

        Buy the Broken Relic
        Solve the puzzle at the graveyard
        Defeat the secret Angel and Demon boss with the Broken Relic equipped

    This will turn the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic.

    The Cuphead Divine Relic is actually not that different from the Cursed Relic. When you equip it, you won’t be restricted to just 1HP. Instead, you’ll have your max HP.

    However, you can still switch weapons as you shoot and get granted any random weapon. This might seem like a disadvantage, but actually, you can now go into battle with all the weapons that you have.

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