Japan has started using robots to stock items at convenience st


    Tokyo, Japan began to use small robots. Replenishment period in the shelves at convenience stores To add moreสล็อต wallet เครดิตฟรีconvenience to small shops According to the AP report

    TX SCARA robot, mechanical arm robot with a tiny camera and Nvidia's artificial intelligence and remote control of Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing company. Keeps stocking up on beverages sold in the freezer at one of Japan's most popular convenience stores, FamilyMart.

    The TX SCARA robot fills the job in small convenience stores. which is open 24 hours every day or conbini with many branches in raw fish land which is a store with more than 3,000 kinds of products on sale But the staff has only a handful.

    which this robot comes to help save labor for employees in the cold beverage department It is far from the cashier in the shop. Help reduce the time that employees have to watch the storefront and walk into the back of the store to fill up. It also solves the problem of employees who have to endure the cold to fill cold drinks at the freezer for hours in another way.

    Telexistence, the maker of the TX SCARA robot, did not disclose the price of the smart robot. That can fill up to 1,000 bottles a day, but the company's CEO Jin Tomioka told the AP. “We want to use automation to replace the monotonous and tedious tasks for humans. That's the direction the company is heading in this regard. And the best way is to use robots to replace these tasks.”

    Industrial robots are a common sight in factories, but for a company of 50 employees, Tomioka saw the potential of these robots in warehouses and distribution centers. They are more affordable compared to conventional industrial robots. but can fulfill social needs It has a design that can work or work with humans. to help lighten the daily workload Amid the aging society and the severe labor shortage problem in Japan