Animal protection organization urges girls to refrain from sex

  • The Animal join in the fun. kuyjoker slot toโปรทุนน้อย slotxoincrease the chances of earning extra income You can have fun with just one click. with subscription Then fill in the information that meets the conditions. No hassle. Welfare Organization has taken on a new idea to persuade men to still eat meat. turned into a vegetarian By advising women to refrain from having sex with men who still eat meat.

    Animal Welfare Organization (PETA) recently announced a new idea to persuade people to stop eating meat. and turned vegetarian instead, advising women to join the procession to refrain from going to bed with meat-eating men. to motivate men to turn their attention to quitting meat

    PETA believes that using sex as a coercion like this will help 'save the planet' and stop the vicious cycle of male-dominated food culture.

    Daniel Cox, representative of the German branch of PETA, said men need to be more conscious of their meat abstinence. By referring to the habits and eating culture of the former German people. Popular for drinking beer and grilling meat with sausages, including the group of 'grill masters' who believe that Somchai has to prove his masculinity. by focusing on the consumption of large amounts of meat

    Cox said the act was not only harmful to animals. But there is scientific evidence that proves that Can eating meat really affect climate change?

    In addition to suggesting that women quit going to bed with men who eat meat. He also proposed a 41% tax on meat from men. to make men decide to stop eating more meat

    The 41% figure comes from research in the academic journal Plos One, which revealed that Men are responsible for 41% more greenhouse gas emissions than women because men are more likely to eat meat.

    But after this idea was announced Almost immediately, PETA countered, blaming the idea as a 'Gender discrimination' goes beyond reflecting that this concept is focused solely on male-female relationships. while the world today full of gender diversity