The underground human life of Seoul A true story that is more t

  • Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans live in tiny, underground apartments. A symbol of burgeoning inequality. and the worsening housing crisis in South Korea.

    Seoul's local governmentสล็อตเข้าสู่ระบบhas pledged to eliminate an apartment known as "Panjiha" after a major flood in June 2022 drowned four residents of Panjiha.

    But people living in the tiny underground house told the BBC: They fear that they will have no place to live anymore.

    And this is the story of the people living underground in China McKenzie, BBC Seoul correspondent. also went to talk

    This apartment called Panjiha Known around the world from the movie But when Seoul faces 100 years of torrential rain, film art comes to life.

    “Where did the flood come from then?” asked Jean, a resident of Panjiha. to which he replied by raising his hand to the wall. up to face level Some people pointed to the ceiling inside their underground apartment.

    A family living underground in Seoul
    underground man
    High floods erupted into a thousand jiha. causing many residents to escape in time And 4 people died in the drowning, which is why the Seoul Metropolitan Government wants to get rid of Panjiha completely. to prevent such tragedy from happening again

    But Seoul's plans could turn residents like Cha Jung-kwan into homelessness.

    “The view I saw from the window was a concrete plinth. It's both funny and sad.”
    He moved into a new underground apartment 8 months ago and luckily he left Seoul. during the flood But he had to come back to find the image of the house destroyed.

    “When I opened the door Things were scattered all over the place,” he told China, before walking over to open a small window. looking out over a concrete wall

    “The view I saw from the window was a concrete plinth. It's both funny and sad.”

    In fact, tea has a good career. work for the National Assembly But real estate prices have skyrocketed in Seoul. causing the house rent to increase accordingly When on land that is not expensive Options for people with less money is to go underground

    Cha Jung-kwan may be homeless If there is no Panjiha house
    "You might think it's small, but to me, it's like a five-star hotel" because of Cha's previous apartment. It is only one-third the size of the new Panjiha apartment. and hit the wall of the room."

    “I don't think eliminating semi-underground apartments is the best solution. because for someone like me A place like this is the only option.”

    China, BBC correspondent Sitting in Cha's Panjiha Apartment she felt that If flood water enters the room Tea would be difficult to survive. But what's even more shocking is that he accepts that risk

    “It's unfortunate. But it's a reality that I have to face I have to stay here and carefully monitor the weather forecast.”