Ukraine distributes iodine pills to villagers near nuclear powe


    Ukraine distributesสล็อตฝากวอเลทanti-radioactive potassium iodine pills to residents around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant Fear of disaster, radiation leak

    On August 27, 2022, NBC News reported that Ukrainian authorities began distributing iodine pills to residents near Europe's largest nuclear plant on Friday. Amid concerns that fighting around the power plant could cause radiation leaks or lead to a more dangerous disaster

    The move comes a day after the Zaporegia nuclear power plant was temporarily disconnected from Ukraine's power grid. For the first time in 40 years history

    The incident has raised concerns about a nuclear disaster in Ukraine. The same happened to the Chernobyl power plant in 1986.

    Volodymyr Marshuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian military's Zaporigia regional administration, said the iodine tablets were distributed to people within a 50-kilometer radius of the Enerhodar plant. )


    “The person receiving this drug is instructed not to use the drug in a preventive manner. This is because the drug will be used in the event of a future radiation leak. At that time the government would order people to take this pill.”

    However, he did not specify how many pills were distributed. and who received the drug But he revealed via Telegram that 25,000 iodine pills were delivered to the southern city. along with emphasizing that Radiation level at the power plant and surrounding area It's still normal now

    Potassium iodine tablets have the ability to block a type of radioactive substance. and is used in the event of a nuclear emergency. to help protect the thyroid