An unlucky young man, just playing games in the house, was stru

  • unlucky young gamer Foundโปรโมชั่น slotxolightning in the house while he was playing the game Which has a mission to help the cat to escape from the rain and lightning.


    At about 10.30 am on September 12 at the past, 33-year-old Eden Rowan was playing games with his PlayStation on the sofa in his home in Oxford. Sher when he heard a loud noise near his ears Followed by the feeling of his body being hit hard, Rowan immediately fell.


    Rowan's husband, Aaron, 32, rushed him to the hospital. The medical team held Rowan in intensive care for several hours. before allowing him to return to his home for treatment by giving him painkillers

    Rowan said that during the incident, the lightning struck him. He is playing a game called 'Stray' which is an online streaming adventure game. Players will have to control the protagonist, a stray cat, in which Rowan is playing in the scene. full of rain and thunder, lightning


    He said that he heard the thunder so loud and felt like he had hit his whole body. Then, he felt that his arms were very hot. which later became a burn He was very confused back then. But he forced himself to go upstairs in the house to call his husband to help him get a wet towel. because of the burning sensation in the arm

    His husband said he smelled a strange smell, but Rowan didn't know it was the smell of his own burning flesh. Aaron then took him to the hospital. After seeing Rowan's skin, a blistering burn appeared.


    When Rowan arrived at the hospital He was surrounded by a team of nine doctors from different departments. He had to wear a heart monitor and had to take blood tests.

    Rowan said that at first his heart rhythm was uneven. The doctors had to wait until his pulse had stabilized for about four hours before allowing him to go home.

    Rowan, fortunately, had no symptoms more serious than a streaky scar on his left arm and a starburst scar on his right hand. He was lucky that it wasn't much.

    The doctor who treated Rowan explained that the electric current accompanied by the lightning was probably coming through the window. with rainwater splashing in as a medium Due to the hot weather, the ground is hard. falling rain not easily permeable therefore causing water to accumulate on the surface of the soil