Foreign ambassador, embarrassed, Thailand 'abstinct' condemning

  • Foreign ambassador, embarrassed, Thailand 'abstinct' condemning Russia's annexation If pampered, even more miserable
    On October 13, Mr. Rat Chaleechan, the owner of the page, the ambassador outside the line, former Thaiสล็อตฝากถอนทรูวอเลทambassador On October 12, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), headquartered in New York, condemned Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian territories. 193 member states that voted in favor of the resolution.

    While Thailand is among 35 "abstained" countries, along with Laos, Vietnam, China, and India.

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    Mr Rat said it was embarrassing and irresponsible. and set on cowardice

    On October 12 The UN General Assembly (UNGA) at the UN headquarters in New York held a resolution condemning Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian territories, with 143 of the 193 member states voting in favor of the resolution. such while Thailand is among the 35 countries that abstained from voting.

    Therefore, there were questions following the said attitude of the Thai authorities. especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the appropriateness

    Let's take a look at the explanation given by the Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations in New York City:

    1. As a small country with sovereignty Thailand takes the UN Charter and international law as its last line of defense. Thailand also expressly adheres to the principle of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states. in accordance with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations
    Thailand has long and continually adhered to its policy of opposing any threats or use of force against the territorial integrity of one state and the use of force to annex the territory of another state without provocation.

    2. However Thailand chose to abstain from voting on the resolution, which took place during a period of climate change and severe ups and downs. This undermines the opportunity that diplomacy will result in negotiating peaceful and viable resolutions to resolve conflicts that could push the world to the risk of nuclear war and global economic collapse.

    3. Thailand is genuinely concerned about the heightened political polarization of international principles which has a negative effect on methods and means of ending wars. Condemnation provokes rebellion and greatly reduces the chances of constructive interaction.

    I have to say that, firstly, the second point of this explanation is ignorant. It's not logical enough to be understood. and when combined with the third What was said in the first verse was completely meaningless by default. which translates to Now we do not trust Thailand. uphold the UN Charter international law in respect of territorial sovereignty and liberty
    Because what has been said is contradicting itself until there is no weight left to trust.

    Usually, such a resolution has to look at where our national interests are. And how do we protect or promote it? We therefore vote accordingly. asked in this regard Where exactly is our national interest?

    It is a principle that Thailand has always adhered to. As we are a small country in adhering to the UN Charter especially against the use of force to invade and occupy other countries' territories. which this matter more than forty years ago Thailand has used the same principle in conjunction with ASEAN. In a campaign to condemn and boycott Vietnam for its invasion of Cambodia. This has become a direct threat to Thailand from hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese forces in Cambodia who come close to the Thai border.

    from the diplomatic campaigns of Thailand and ASEAN based on this principle It has given us the overwhelming support from the world. and causing Vietnam to eventually withdraw its troops from Cambodia

    This Thai abstention Therefore, it is no different from swallowing one's own saliva without dignity. And on the other hand, it's like one of the world's ungrateful people. When he had a threat, he asked the world for help. but when others are offended we ignore

    It was both embarrassing and cowardly. Irresponsibility of Thailand on the international stage

    In addition, let's look at what this (stupid) neutral vote has in terms of other benefits to Thailand?

    The most worrisome of this vote by Thailand is that it will become documented evidence of Thailand's tacit recognition that territorial annexation by other countries is possible. which means that some day in the future Suppose that there is a country next to us, he has annexed the provinces of Thailand. that he claimed to want to separate from Thailand

    what do we say or ask someone to help support us Because we ourselves used to admit that something like this can be don