Japan reports new bird flu outbreak, kills 340,000 chickens

  • Japanese authorities have to cultivate 340,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak This is the first round of this year's season.

    Foreign news agencies reported fromสล็อต pg ฝาก true walletTokyo. Japan on October 28 that the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan reported. The first round of bird flu outbreak of the 2022 season was found in a farm. in Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture West of Honshu Island As a result, the authorities had to eliminate about 170,000 chickens and establish a control area. Covering a radius of 10 kilometers from the farm where the outbreak was found.

    At the same time, an outbreak of bird flu was detected. At a chicken farm in Atsuma City of Hokkaido And officials need to eradicate about 170,000 birds.

    There is no official statement as to whether Avian influenza virus found in this cycle. What species, however, have information that "It is a species with a high epidemic rate" and insists that people can still eat chicken meat and eggs normally. But it must be cooked only.