Prison hard! South Korea-North Korea Fire warning shots at each

  • South Korean and North Korean Armed Forces accused of encroaching on each other's waters therefore had to fire bullets to warn the other party Latest Signs of a New Tension on the Korean Peninsula

    Foreign news agencies reported from Seoul. South Korea on Oct. 24 that the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea issued a statement that A North Korean merchant ship violated the Northern Limit Line (NLL), the maritime border line between the two Koreas, in the Yellow Sea on Sunday afternoon, before retreating when the patrol boat. of the army fired warning bullets and alarms via megaphones

    However, shortly thereafterสล็อตxoวอเลทKorean People's Army (KPA) or North Korean Army issued a statement saying A South Korean warship infringes on the western NLL So 10 warning artillery shots were fired, while the South Korean army confirmed that North Korea actually fired artillery. but did not specify And then there have been South Korean warships in violation of the waters that the other party has not discussed. but condemns the Pyongyang government's threats


    The Presidential Palace of South Korea It reiterated that, from now on, the preservation of the 2018 bilateral cooperation agreement depends solely on the "attitude of North Korea". It follows the United Nations (UN) special forces led by the United States and the sea in this area. is a clearly defined territory It is in the 2018 agreement between the two Koreas that prohibits the two countries from making military moves. "Threatening and provocative"

    However, the South Korean and US armed forces Closing the battle Under the operating code "Hookuk" on Saturday, it took a week to enhance the readiness and upgrade the two countries' military capabilities. To cope and respond to the "threats" from North Korea's nuclear missile and bomb tests.


    In addition, it was also analyzed that North Korea increased the frequency of missile launches during this period. "It could be a sign" that the next nuclear bomb test "It's going to happen", which will be the seventh and first in five years by South Korea's national intelligence agency. Expected time frame between 16 Oct.-7 Nov. to arrive.