Very tough! 2 South Korean miners Walking out of the mine, mira

  • Very tough! 2 South Korean miners Walking out of the mine, miraculously collapsed after 9 days
    The AFP news agency reported on Nov. 5 that two South Korean miners miraculously survived. After nine days trapped in a zinc mine at the scene of the collapse, the pair walked out of the mine on November 4 as rescuers came to the rescue. This was the end of the rescue operation to save both of their lives.


    Both mine victims were trapped inเกมสล็อตvertical shafts inside an underground mine at a depth of 190 meters after the mine collapsed on October 26 in Bonghwa. which is located in the east of the country

    South Korean authorities reported The two survivors, aged 56 and 62, were stable as they survived the cold by making fires. and pitched a tent made of plastic sheeting inside the tunnel


    Lim Yunsuk, a fire official, said the survivors were fed with instant coffee powder they carried into the mine. and drink from the water that drips from inside the underground mine shafts.

    The victim's family said very happy And still can't believe this miraculous news is true.

    While Mr. Yoon Seok Yeol, President of South Korea said through Facebook that The survival of these two miners was a real miracle. and thanked both of them for being able to return safely. After crossing the time of life and death

    News of the collapse of the miners comes as Seoul grieves over the Itaewon tragedy. with 156 fatalities in the accident