Former disease control officer reveals China aims to adjust its

  • Former disease control officerสมัครxoreveals China aims to adjust its policy 'Zero Covid' coming soon
    Reuters reported on Nov. 4 that a former Chinese disease control official said at a meeting organized by investment bank Citi that China prepares to change its policy to control the spread of COVID-19 known as policy "Zero COVID" coming soon






    Zheng Guang, former chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Prevention and Control. who are still talking about the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic In China frankly said that the chances of China opening up the country increased. Zheng cited the development of a new vaccine. and the progress of research in Chinese antiviral drug production

    to a question by Yu Xiangrong, Citi's chief China economist, if China will open the country after the traditional annual parliamentary session held in March. Mr. Zheng, who was previously part of the high-level working group of the National Health Commission At the start of the 2020 Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, several new policies will be introduced in the coming five to six months. without mentioning such sources

    Yu declined to comment on Zheng's remarks, while the two did not respond to Reuters' requests for comment.

    Earlier, Zheng had opposed China's overly strict coronavirus control measures. which will be at risk of causing difficulties for the Chinese and in March he also said China will find a way to open up a controllable and flexible country.

    However, China remains committed to its current zero-tolerance policy. which affects China's economy and creates dissatisfaction among the people. Although the Chinese market has improved this week. Due to rumors circulating on social media that China plans to open the country in March next year.

    China reported 3,871 new cases of coronavirus in the country as of November 3, the highest in six months or since March.