How Do I Change My Starting Lineup In NBA 2K23?

  • In NBA 2K23 players can experience the career of a player. You can go to college, then play in the NBA G League, and then become a GM in My Team.

    In this game, you will participate in different competitions and get a lot of MT 2K23. To play the best in the game, you need to adjust your starting lineup and player positions. Star players determine the offense, so people want to use the team's star players in the best way possible.

    NBA 2K23: How do I change my starting lineup?

    In today's positionless basketball era, players are not fixed in their positions and they often switch between roles on the court. To change your starting lineup for NBA 2K23, go to the "Coaches" tab in the main menu or the pause menu of an ongoing game. Visit the "Coach's Tactical Plan" to change your lineup.

    Another way to change your starting lineup in NBA 2K23 is to press the d button on your controller during the game. You can replace the player you want with a player from the bench. This is a shortcut to swapping players, and you can only do this between the bench and the players on the court.

    When you select a lineup at the beginning of each game in NBA 2K23, you can swap players in any lineup by selecting them and repositioning them in the 15-man lineup.

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